New Kilohearts Nonlinear Filter

Kilohearts Nonlinear Filter MARCH2021

The nasty way to sculpt and refine your sounds

Do you know how Jimi Hendrix got his signature guitar sound ?
Nonlinear Filter.

Or that screechy lead in Block Rockin’ Beats, by The Chemical Brothers ?
Nonlinear Filter.

How about the synth melody in Madonna’s Like a Virgin ?
Believe it or not, Nonlinear Filter.

Alright, maybe not Kilohearts’ Nonlinear Filter. But, if you are looking to add some vintage analog twang to your sound, Kilohearts have you covered. Nonlinear Filter offers basic filtering with a variety of flavors to it, ranging from classic analog sounding filtering to more outlandish modes the further down the list you go.

The Kilohearts Ecosystem

Nonlinear Filter is part of a large number of effects units from Kilohearts that are called “Snapins”.

Snapins are regular effects plug-ins that also work as modules in Snapin hosts; Phase Plant, Multipass, and Snap Heap. They are lightweight but powerful plug-ins that present users with all the important settings in a no-nonsense way.

Nonlinear Filter is included in Kilohearts Toolbox PROFESSIONAL
and Toolbox ULTIMATE collections of Snapins.

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