MeldaProduction’s promos this week

Melda EMD April 2021 2

50% off MCabinet, MDrumEnhancer, MRotary and MFreqShifterMB

MCabinet is a unique tool for professional guitarists. Based on statistical analysis of real cabinets, it lets you start with a profile of thousands of IRs and start being creative from there. It provides 4 resonators for tonal or resonant character and 2 wideners for a natural stereo widening.

MDrumEnhancer is a unique tool that follows your drum track and synthesizes it’s own signal using samples to make it sound big and phat, without any problems drum replacing suffers from. Add snare noises, improve bass drum’s boom or snap, or even resynthesize the sound completely.

MRotary is the ultimate rotary simulator, which can deliver not only the great vintage sound, but also futuristic algorithmic sound featuring up to 6 speakers at once. You can design your own cabinet using any material from wood to glass, process the rotary signal using fully featured dynamic equalizer and much more.

MFreqShifterMB is a revolutionary frequency shifting plugin which breaks down the harmonic content of the audio. Use it to fatten the sound, produce mild stereo expansion, or even provide complete sound destruction. Whether you simply need an enhancement tool, or are searching for a truly original sound, this is the plugin for you!

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