MIA Lab’s Musiqual Series MKII plug-ins

MIA Labs Musiqual Series MKII boxes

Get Class A, Tube and Transistor flavoured EQs – Only $29 each !

MIA Laboratories proudly announce the availability of Musiqual Red, Green, and Blue MKII plug-ins expanding upon the original SE designs with new features and enhancements…

The Musiqual tools encapsulate all the characteristics and inner workings of their analog counterparts, and provide the user with a simple way to achieve the perfect combination of tone and color.

What’s New with MKII :

  • Input/Output Control

  • Harmonic Distortion (Tube-Transistor-ClassA)

  • A Compressor

  • Right click to input values

  • New Resizable GUIs

  • VST3 Support

  • Improved CPU Performance

Pick up any of the Musiqual MK2 plug-ins on promo today, or also as included in both the Musiqual Super Bundle and MIA Complete Bundle

Musiqual Red MKII is an analogue tube flavoured, single band EQ.

Musiqual Green MKII is a semi parametric EQ, delivering a fairly transparent sound with the ‘transistor’ flavour that is so characteristic of analogue technology.

Musiqual Blue MKII is committed to deliver a digital – yet so analogue – equalisation, with a very vivid flavour one can almost ‘taste’.

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