Plug & Mix’s promos this week

P&M MAY 2021 3

Brightness, Classic Flanger, Gatevador and Psycho Ring

Brightness is an Abbey Road dtyle Brightness plug-in based on the idea of Abbey Road Studios hardware, used on countless seminal recordings at Abbey Road during the ’60s, including almost every album by The Beatles.

Classic Flanger is a silky smooth flanger effect that can go from subtle to extreme in an instant. This unit models Classic, M-Tron and Stompbox flanger models that are still the industry standards.

Gatevador allows you to easily and quickly control excess bleed and noise on your source material, and enhance and expand the good stuff!

Psycho Ring is a ring modulator with attitude. The effect multiplies and mixes the input sound with a special signal, generated by the internal oscillator.

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