FLUX:: Analyzer Summer Promotions


New ‘lite’ Analyzer, FLUX Essential Analyzer and its add-ons are on promo

FLUX:: Analyzer Summer Promotions have started. They include a new product, Studio Session Analyzer, which is on sale “only during this promo”!

Other offers include FREE Multichannel and Metering add-ons with each FLUX:: Analyzer Essential purchase. And, all individual Analyzer add-ons at 50% off.

Studio Session Analyzer

Studio Session Analyzer is a “lite” version of the famed Flux:: Analyzer product included in the Studio Session Pack; a stand-alone application that provides a comprehensive range of tools for precise audio analysis.

It also includes SampleGrabber – a plug-in available to “grab” the audio samples from an insert point and send the signals with instant real-time analysis.

Only $49 (List $149) for a limited time

Buy FLUX Analyser Essential – Get Multichannel and Metering Add-ons FREE !

Flux:: are offering the two add-on options; Multichannel/Surround and Metering/Loudness for free when purchasing the FLUX:: Analyzer Essential.

Only $399 (List $797) for a limited time

Analyzer Add-on Option Offers

FLUX:: Analyzer Live Sound add-on option provides the elements needed to assist the live sound engineer in speaker array calibration tasks with; delay finder, level, meter, transfer function magnitude, phase and coherence spectra, impulse response, as well as snapshot facilities.

FLUX:: Analyzer Metering and Loudness add-on option provides an extensive set of measurement tools well adapted for Broadcast and Post Production facilities, presenting the metering tools for a vast range of standards such as True Peak, RMS, ITU-1770, EBU-R128 (PLOUD), history and more.

FLUX:: Analyzer Multichannel & Surround add-on option provides a vast range of measurement tools for comprehensive analysis of multichannel audio environments. In addition to the standard spectrum analyzer and metering tools, an innovative set of spectrum tools, Flux:: Nebula, presenting frequency and scope over space in a fashion never seen before.

Only $99 each (List $199) for a limited time

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