Eventide H949 Harmonizer Flashback Promo

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The First Time Machine – 75% off!

Let the 50th Anniversary fun continue! Eventide H949 Harmonizer® is available a la carte for the first time. The H949 bundle is comprised of two individual plugins: Single H949 for mono applications like the original studio processor, and Dual H949 for easily creating unique stereo effects. AND it is on sale for a limited time for only $50! (List $199) – that’s 75% OFF!

The Eventide H949 is a must-have for creating the classic guitar sound that Eddie Van Halen popularized (he toured with two of them for stereo), it was also the only piece of digital gear to grace Jimmy Page’s rig. The H949 was found on seminal records by The Ramones, Talking Heads, and countless others.

The H949 has a unique repeat button which captures and seamlessly loops a snippet of incoming audio which can be pitched up or down, delayed, reversed and otherwise manipulated in ways that will make your imagination sing!

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