Nomad Factory’s British Bundle is on Promo for only $39


Nomad Factory’s British Bundle is now on sale at only $39, a huge saving of $90 off the list price! These two great sounding plug-ins digitally recreate their vintage Equalizer and Master Bus Compressor/Limiter counterparts, which were part of a very famous ‘British’ mixing console of the 70s.

Get Nomad Factory’s British Bundle for ONLY $39

About the British Bundle:

Designed to improve the quality of digital sound recordings, these plug-ins provide a simple and functional vintage-style interface, as well as low CPU consumption for lightening-fast processing.

It includes:

British MCL-2269 – A Master Compressor Limiter modeled from the legendary 2254 compressor. The British MLC-2269 is a simple and elegant Master Compressor Limiter (MCL). The British MCL-2269 is the perfect choice for a truly “British-Style” vintage compression sound by adding warmth and vintage compression to your music.

British NEQ-1972 – A Four-Band equalizer modeled from the classic-vintage 1081 EQ module. The British “Nomad-EQ” NEQ-1972 is the perfect choice for a truly “British-Style” vintage EQ sound by adding an exceptional tone and character to your music.

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Nomad Factory’s Analog Mastering Tools on promo for Only $39


Nomad Factory’s Analog Mastering Tools is now on sale at only $39, a huge saving of $90 list price! Analog Mastering Tools sets a new standard for mixing and mastering your music with a subtlety and musical character reminiscent of tube systems.

Get Nomad Factory’s Analog Mastering Tools for ONLY $39

About Analog Mastering Tools:

The Analog Mastering Tools (A.M.T.) is high-resolution limiter and multi-band dynamics processor that sets a new standard for mixing and mastering your music with a subtlety and musical character reminiscent of tube systems.

The A.M.T Amp Leveling is a highly optimized look-ahead Brickwall Limiter and Level Maximization. The A.M.T Amp Leveler has been designed to be used for Mixing, Mastering, Tracking and Live use. Using a new proprietary algorithm ensuring a very smooth-warm sounding with maximum loudness and no digital-over-clipping as well as low CPU consumption for lightening-fast processing, the A.M.T Amp Leveler is nothing short of amazing.

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DontCrack Exclusive – Audified STA Effects at 50% OFF !


Audified and DC have teamed up to give you a STA Effects exclusive $59 promo starting today. That’s a huge saving of more than 50% off the $129 list price. The promo is running until the end of October.

Get STA Effects for ONLY $59

The precise simulation of several valve circuits gives the STA effects their unique analog feel and warmth. STA Effects includes six valve simulating effects featuring the emulation of the Summing Tube Amplifier technology.

The bundle contains the STA Chorus that gives your instruments a warmth and gentle vibe! STA Flanger delivers extra punch, meat, juice… call it what you want. If your sound is not spacey enough, take it to another universe with the STA Phaser! The STA Enhancer will make your mixes beautifully bright. But the main effect that gives the STAs their character is the STA Preamp (also sold separately). The new second generation of the plug-in bundle has been enriched with the STA Delay being added.

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Mix With Masters – Sylvia Massy Video On Demand

Mix With The Masters VOD Sylvia Massy

Purchase Sylvia Massy’s “Recording The Melvins” on pre-order today and ‘SAVE $30′ on the $69 list price for a limited time only, from our friends at Mix With The Masters!

Pre-order now at this special link for only $39

Our good friends at La Fabrique in the South of France, Mix With The Masters, got in touch to let us know they have a great pre-order special available for you over the next few days, and we couldn’t wait to share!

In this in-depth 2h-30m video you’ll learn more about arrangements, mic placement, unconventional sound experimentation and overall recording workflow with Grammy-winning producer and engineer Sylvia Massy.

Sylvia Massey


Sylvia Massy is an American entrepreneur, music producer, mixer and engineer, writer and artist based in the United States.

Massy is perhaps best recognized for her work on 1993’s Undertow, the full-length double platinum-selling debut for Los Angeles rock band Tool and her works with System of a Down, Johnny Cash and the Red Hot Chili Peppers.

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SONiVOX SINGLES on promo at a ‘No Brainer’ price of $2.99


Here is your chance to pick up some SONiVOX SINGLES, from today at the ‘No-Brainer’ price of ONLY $2.99! Get fresh sounds and instruments to inspire your creativity!

Get SONiVOX’s Atsia Percussion for ONLY $2.99

Get SONiVOX’s Blue Jay Drums for ONLY $2.99

Get SONiVOX’s Bright Electric Guitar for ONLY $2.99

Get SONiVOX’s Classic Bass for ONLY $2.99

Get SONiVOX’s FM Piano for ONLY $2.99

Get SONiVOX’s Harmonica for ONLY $2.99

Get SONiVOX’s Harpsichord for ONLY $2.99

Get SONiVOX’s Session Drums 1 for ONLY $2.99

Get SONiVOX’s Silk Road for ONLY $2.99

Get SONiVOX’s Taylor Acoustic Guitar for ONLY $2.99

About the SONiVOX SINGLES Collections :

If you are looking for superbly recorded and immediately playable virtual instruments that provide producers and musicians with all they need to stimulate their creativity, these are the ones to get.

Because new sounds bring new fresh ideas, the SONiVOX SINGLES are valuable sound sources taken from some of the most iconic instruments!

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Audiomodern releases Riffer 1.0.3 update

Audiomodern Riffer

Audiomodern has just released the 1.0.3 Version of their very first VST/AU plug-in, Riffer! Available now from the DontCrack Store at the introductory price of $39 until October 22nd, 2018.

Get Audiomodern’s Riffer at the introductory price of ONLY $39!!

About Riffer :

Introducing ‘Riffer’, a smart MIDI tool that generates random Riffs for your Sounds, Software & Hardware. Built both for studio and live performance.

Designed to feed anything that accepts MIDI signal, Software & Hardware, you can choose from 50+ scales, choose pattern complexity, steps, start and end points, set pitch, transpose, motion, measures, and much more to serve as inspiration for your musical masterpieces.

Changes / Fixes in 1.0.3 :

  • Drag/Export MIDI patterns for Windows Systems + Cubase 8/9.5
  • Closing & re-opening Riffer window caused some DAWs to erase Scale settings
  • Adjusting number of triggered notes while volume is in “lock” state
  • Resizing option to fit 13′ inch, or smaller screens
  • General Improvements for Desktop & iOS

To get your Version 1.0.3 go to your Audiomodern account and log-in. When the download is complete, uninstall the current version from your computer and re-install the new version.

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Waves’ Top Drum Plugins on Sale Today !

Waves Top Drum Plugins Sale

This week only, 7 Top Waves Drum Plugins are on sale for only $29! Bish, Bash, Boosh. See the news below for what’s on offer…

Waves’ Top Drum Plugins are On Sale Here
Select Plugins Only $29 : Limited Time Promo

Get CLA Drums Here

There are six different modes: Kick, Snare, Toms, Overheads, Room and, of course, Cowbell. There are three color-coded presets for bass EQ, treble EQ, compression, and reverb, plus a noise gate so you can even get rid of leakage. The faders let you control the amount of each effect and, especially important for drums, Waves include a phase switch so you can find the best setting for the kit.

Get CLA-76 Compressor/Limiter Here

Inspired by two highly-desirable revisions of the famed mid-60s Class A line level limiting amplifier, both versions of the CLA-76 (“Blacky” and “Bluey”) offer the super fast attack (as quick as 50 microseconds!) that made the originals studio legends.

Get Infected Mushroom Pusher Here

Created with leading electronic music duo Infected Mushroom, Pusher is an innovative multi-band sonic enhancer and limiter/clipper that delivers Infected Mushroom’s “secret mixing sauce”.

Get Kramer HLS Channel Here

Developed in association with legendary producer/engineer Eddie Kramer, the HLS Channel was meticulously modeled on a Helios mixing console just like the one he used in historic sessions at London’s acclaimed Olympic Studios.

Get Smack Attack Here

With Smack Attack, you can unleash or tame kicks, snares, claps, drum samples, or any other drum or percussion instrument – but also guitar and bass plucks, quick piano arpeggios, synth stabs, or even your entire mix.

Get SSL G-Master Buss Compressor Here

Prized by top engineers for its ability to “glue together” tracks, the SL 4000 G master buss center compressor is ideal for taming piano dynamics or adding punch to drums and percussion.

Get Torque Here

Torque is a precision drum tone shifter that will help you salvage mis-tuned drums, pitch them to a specific key and enhance their tone – without re-triggering or replacing, without the artifacts introduced by traditional pitch shifters, and without losing body, timbre, resonance or attack.

Waves Best Prices At DontCrack

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Mastering the Mix release four ANIMATE Module products

Mastering The Mix ANIMATE

Mastering the Mix just updated ANIMATE to version 1.1.0 and now you can now get the individual sections of ANIMATE for just $22 each.

Get Mastering the Mix EXPOSE for ONLY $22

Get Mastering the Mix PUNCH for ONLY $22

Get Mastering the Mix IGNITE for ONLY $22

Get Mastering the Mix GROW for ONLY $22

Get Mastering the Mix ANIMATE 1.1 for ONLY $78

The ANIMATE modules helps you inject life into your mixes in a precise, versatile and colourful way. Each module with its individual frequency assignments and mid/side functionality you’ll get your music jumping out of the speakers precisely how you want.

The Expand module allows you to dial in a pristinely clean sounding upward expansion. This increases the volume of signals over the threshold, giving your audio more dynamic range in a transparent way.

The Punch module enhances the transients of your audio. Whether you want to subtly accentuate the high-frequency transients in the mid-channel of your master or bring out serious smack on an individual channel, Punch can handle the task.

The Ignite module allows you to dial in rich harmonic distortion in a dynamic way based on the input signal. Ignite can increase the perceived loudness, power and presence of a channel without the pumping effects of a compressor.

The Grow module lets you increase the width of the selected frequencies using a psychoacoustic precedence effect. Grow lets you spread specific frequencies SUPER wide in a dynamic way like never before.

The ANIMATE modules are designed to be your secret weapon in a wide range of mixing and mastering scenarios. Their sonic versatility and precision will help you get your sound jumping out of the speakers exactly how you want.

List of updates for ANIMATE 1.1.0:

  • Offline Activation.
  • Separate mode activation (you can buy Expand, Punch, Ignite & Grow individually).
  • Loads of new presets.
  • Clearer error diagnosis for the user.
  • Level-match slider a neutral colour to show that it applies to all modes.
  • Bug Fixes.

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Blue Cat Audio release Desctrutor and Axiom updates

Blue Cat Audio Plugins Banner

Blue Cat Audio have today released updates for their Destructor and Axiom guitar simulator plug-ins. See more details for what’s new below, and don’t miss the 25% off sale on both products running until October 31st!

Blue Cat Audio Products Are Available Here
25% Off Destructor and Axiom Promo : Until Oct. 31st, 2018

Destructor 1.4 :
  • Load custom impulse responses (cabinets, reverbs) into the pre or post filters.
  • Shape impulse responses in the edit view to match the perfect tone.

Axiom 1.1
  • Load impulse responses (IR) in pre or post filters of the amp simulator. The frequency response of IRs can be shifted and mixed together with the usual filter settings.
  • The built-in EQ plug-in can also load and manipulate impulse responses.
  • Drag and drop support:
    • drag and drop plug-ins between slots (copy or move).
    • drop the plug-in before another to insert it in the chain
    • drag and drop plug-ins between several instances of Axiom or accross plug-ins (compatible with the latest preview of Late Replies, MB-7 Mixer and PatchWork).
    • drag and drop .dll, .vst, .vst3, or .component files directly from the Finder or Explorer onto plug-in slots.
    • drag and drop .plgnfo files (previously saved from the software) directly from the Finder or Explorer onto plug-in slots.
    • drag the amp simulator, and drop it on any slot, like any other plug-in.
    • drop the amp simulator onto channel A or B to copy the amp model to the other channel.
    • drag and drop amp channel (A or B) to copy the entire channel settings to the other channel.
  • Fixed Joe’s Bowl factory preset that included an instance of PatchWork.

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Toontrack release Soundscapes for EZmix 2

Toontrack Soundscapes Ezmix PackVisual

Toontrack today release Soundscapes, a new collection of 50 insert signal chain presets for ambient and soundscape effects for your EZmix 2 plug-in. Available now from the DontCrack Store!

Purchase Toontrack Soundscapes for Ezmix 2 Here

50 one-of-a-kind presets for ambient soundscapes, sound design and creative mixing.

While this EZmix pack is called Soundscapes, it might just as well have been Sound Escapes, because that is what it allows you to do: escape the traditional boundaries of composition and allow your creative self to run free, painting with effects, space and time to create all-new landscapes of sound.

The Soundscapes EZmix Pack comes with 50 signal chain presets. It was designed to cater to any creative context that calls for an unorthodox effect, a dwindling echo, a soaring reverb or a richly textured tone – perfect for scores, music beds or any pop, rock or modern audio scene in need of some out-of-the-box ideas.

These presets can be applied to any audio source and, quite frankly, should. The canvas is blank and yours to fill. Start mixing!

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