Tek’it Audio updates Oru to v1.1.0

Tekit ORU update JAN 2021

The unique Wavefolder distortion plug-in

Tek’it Audio has updated Oru, a wavefolder distortion for VST2, VST3 and Audio Units plug-in formats, to version 1.1.0.

This update improves performance, adds support for macOS 10.15 Catalina and 11 Big Sur. Learn more on Tek’it Audio’s website.

Oru lets you manipulate the harmonic spectrum to add this little extra, or go heavy into a folded distortion fury by adding bias and doubling the distortion stages.

Offering powerful wave folding distortion, Oru is well suited to distort your synthesizer sounds. Ready to create amazing textures even from a simple sine wave.

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Wave Arts Tube Saturator 2 on sale at 30 % off

WaveArts-Tube Saturator 2-DEC-2020

Authentic tube emulation you have to hear to believe

Tube Saturator simply is the world’s most accurate tube amp emulation plug-in.

Unlike other tube simulators, which use radically simplified models, Tube Saturator uses state of the art circuit simulation technology to capture every nuance of an analog circuit.

Get it now at 30 % off.

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Harrison Consoles announce AVA Bass Flow


The all-in-one Channel Strip plug-in designed for mixing bass

Harrison Consoles release their new ‘Flow’ series plug-in AVA Bass Flow at this years ‘Believe in Music’ NAMM Show. Your new channel strip designed for mixing Bass… Available now at the intro price $89 (List $149).

It offers four 4 routable processing elements, and a master section for input / output / routing control :

  • Character EQ: A unique EQ that follows the pitch of the note being played.
  • Spectral Bass Compressor: 6 bands of compression fixed across the frequency range.
  • Equalizer: An intuitive 5-band EQ with 2 additional filter bands and a wide variety of shape options.
  • Chorus: A creative effect to boost presence or to add extra motion to your bass signal.

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Eventide 50th anniversary monthly Flashback sale

720x360 IP Flashback

Get Instant Phaser Mk II at $50 this week

This year, Eventide is celebrating its 50th anniversary with a monthly Flashback sale.

The first plug-in featured will be the classic Instant Phaser Mk II, a must-have plug-in great for creating dimension around a track.

Get it at only $50 (list $129) through January 25th (1 week only).

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CLOUDKEYS is finally here !


ZenDAW CLOUDKEYS : The Best Shortcut to Reason

ZenDAW proudly announce CLOUDKEYS : The Best Shortcut to Reason.

CLOUDKEYS is a powerful touch workspace for Windows 7 and above. It has been designed to efficiently control Reason (DAW) from any physical touchscreen found on the market.

Smart scripts give access to over 130 Reason key commands and functions from the tip of a finger.

Commands are located EXACTLY where one would expect them to be on a Touchscreen Monitor without having to think about it. It preserves the artist’s inspiration thanks to an improved technical workflow.

Get it now at the intro price of $29 (List price $65) through January 31st.

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Get EPIC Dub Drums in 1 Min

Waves CLA Epic - JAN 2021

CLA Epic and all Waves at 40% OFF

Want to get EPIC Dub Drums in 1 Min ? Just take a look at the Waves CLA Epic video below.

CLA Epic is now back at only $38.99 with new coupon CREATE40 to use at checkout.

All Waves products are at 40% OFF. Use coupon CREATE40 at checkout.

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Melda Production’s Eternal Madness Discounts

Melda EMD JAN 18 2021

MDrumReplacer, MHarmonizerMB, MSaturatorMB and MStereoGenerator are on promo this week

About the products on sale :

Not every hit is perfect, not every drum take is flawless, nor every drum sounds nice. But with MDrumReplacer no drum recording is gone for good. No matter if had bad mics positions or you just hate the entire drumset. MDrumReplacer fixes all that in a second. And still, your recordings will sound incredibly live.

Make one instrument sound like many musicians at once, create harmonies, widen or enhance recordings, add bass drum subharmonics plus much more. That’s MMultiBandHarmonizer, a pitch shifting and multi-voice harmonizing plugin.

Saturation is a very special type of smooth distortion known from tubes and tapes. It can provide some harmonic flavor, improve bass and subbass content and much more. MMultiBandSaturator is an extremely musical and versatile saturation plugin, which also contains a digital harmonic generator. MMultiBandSaturator combines the best from both analog and digital worlds.

MStereoGenerator is a unique natural sounding mono to stereo (or even surround) expander, which makes your tracks sound wider, stronger and punchier. It’s perfect for almost any audio material from vocals to saxophones to drums.

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Get the sound of classic tape emulation with McDSP

McDSP Analog Channel MixTip promo JAN 2021

Add warmth to your final mix with McDSP Analog Channel !

You probably already use analog tape for effects such as compression and saturation. Yet another great thing you can do with it is high frequency and low frequency shaping, playing on the speed at which the machine is set to operate as well as its frequency bias.

Here’s a cool tip on using the Analog Channel plug-in from McDSP and their Mix Tip Fridays:

The AC202 tape machine emulation is a great tool to control and shape the top end of a mix. The tape speed controls should be the first controls to get you in the ballpark of where you’d like your top end to sit, with 30 ips being the brightest and 7.5 ips the darkest.

From there you can easily fine-tune your sound via the EQ Type, Bias control and by choosing between Vintage and Modern tape, not to mention the tape machine model!

Grab the Analog Channel now from only $49.

You can also get it in the Everyhing Pack, also on promo.

“Analog Channel warms up vocals & acoustic instruments
without adding noticeable compression.”…

Cory Churko – Award winning multi-instrumentalist, vocalist, and mix engineer

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Waves Bundle Up Sale

Waves Bundle Up JAN 21

50% OFF all bundles until this Sunday

From essentials like reverb, compression and EQ to modeled analog hardware, post production tools or artist signature collections, Waves Bundles feature the best of Waves plug-ins.

Get 50% OFF Waves bundles until this Sunday. Use code BUNDLE50.

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Get a $100 NUGEN voucher

reseller banner

Complete NUGEN annual survey and get a $100 voucher

NUGEN Audio provides award winning professional audio plug-ins and software for post production, broadcast, music and sound design.

Complete their annual survey and you will receive a $100 NUGEN webstore voucher valid until February 27th.

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