“How a recording-studio mishap shaped ’80s music” and 80′s Spaces


One of our clients who bought Nomad Factory’s 80′s Spaces pointed out this great video he found called “How a recording-studio mishap shaped ’80s music”. It tells of the story how the famous 80′s gated reverb sound was discovered and spread throughout the recording industry to define the 80′s Sound.

In this video, Vox Pop Earworm tells the story of how a unique reverb space was created and who was responsible for discovering it. It became a favourite and ended up defining a decade’s musical signature. Recent examples are also discussed to show how this ‘sound’ has come back into fashion. This video is definitely worth watching as it as tells you what Nomad Factory was aiming for when 80′s Spaces was developed.

80′s Spaces is on promo until June 30th for ONLY $49 (List $179), at the DontCrack Store

The name says it all. 80′s Spaces is an original “80′s vibe” plug-in that is totally in sync with the return of the “sound” that made a great musical era. It is surely the most original and creative plug-in ever built by Nomad Factory.

It “magically” reproduces the typical reverbs and space effect units used by legendary artists such as Michael Jackson, Madonna, Duran Duran, Guns ‘N’ Roses, Tears for Fears, David Bowie, Depeche Mode, U2, Eurythmics, George Michael, Phil Collins, Queen and so many others.

Your classic gated reverbs, lush, cavernous and sweeping tails, short rooms and chorused verbs are all here. With minimal adjustments the user-friendly interface allows you to adjust the dry/wet control, chorus, decay, gate, filter and other parameters to get just the effect you require.

Presets are provided by MoReVoX and Nomad Factory engineers to get you started.

Features :

  • 380 Presets
  • Pre Delay
  • Chorus
  • Width
  • Hi/Low Pass Filters
  • Dry/Wet Control
  • Gate
  • Decay
  • Parameter Display with intelligent Waveform Overview

Download and try 80′s Spaces today ! “

Demo limitations :

  • Presets cannot be saved
  • Session recall is disabled

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Blue Cat Audio release MB-7 Mixer version 3.1

Blue Cat Audio MB-7 Mixer

Blue Cat Audio have today released Blue Cat’s MB-7 Mixer 3.1, a new version of its multiband processing plug-in with hosting capabilities.

Blue Cat Audio MB-7 Mixer, available here at the DontCrack Store

With this new version, 28 built-in audio effects can now be applied to individual frequency bands (in addition to already available third party plug-ins support) to create all kinds of spectral effects: modulation, compression, distortion, pitch shifting, delays & reverbs… Dozens of new features and enhancements improving the workflow and performance have also been added to this free update (full change list below).

The update is free for existing MB-7 Mixer V3 customers and can be found from the same location as the original full version (link received by email upon purchase). New customers can download a demo version in multiple plug-in formats for Mac and PC on www.bluecataudio.com.

What’s new in MB-7 Mixer 3.1:

  • The GUI can now be zoomed from 70% to 200%.
  • Added 28 built-in plug-ins borrowed from the Late Replies plug-in.
  • New spectral manipulation and sound design presets using the built-in effects.
  • Last loaded preset is now remembered in session and displayed in the presets menu.
  • Plug-in state can now be reverted to the last loaded preset.
  • Default preset now also saves the state of locks (when using “save as user default”).
  • Major presets loading improvements: hosted plug-ins are now reloaded only when changed, and updated otherwise. Improves performance and audio rendering when loading presets using the same plug-ins.
  • Faster GUI loading / instantaneous GUI display after it has been opened once.
  • New option to keep plug-ins windows always on top.
  • Performance and memory usage improvements.
  • Mac: new installer.
  • VST3: factory presets are not exposed to the host application anymore.
  • Fixed minor compatibility issues with Mac OS High Sierra.
  • Fixed host keyboard shortcuts lost when a sub plug-in is opened (in several host applications).
  • Fixed sub-plug-ins automation overwritten when using touch mode in some hosts.
  • Fixed: changing bypass in the Audio Unit version did not update host application’s bypass state.
  • Fixed: bypass buttons are now in sync with the hosted plug-ins’ state.
  • Win: fixed copy/paste that sometimes stopped working until next app restart.
  • Dropped support for legacy RTAS and DirectX plug-ins formats.

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Waves Mid-Month Blowout Sale and Version 10


Waves have just started a ‘Mid-Month Blowout Sale’ and they are pleased to announce Waves V10, a new version of Waves plugins. You can update now to Waves V10 to future-proof your sessions, ensure ongoing compatibility, enjoy plugin improvements and have free plugins added to your premium Waves bundles.

Their Mid-Month Blowout Sale promo has added even more savings to those already going on in June.

From the industry’s most popular equalizers, compressors, and limiters to award-winning reverbs, noise reduction, and surround sound tools, there is something for everyone. Check out the rest of the Waves catalogue as there are many other new plug-ins and Bundles that are at lowest prices ever seen at Waves.

Selected Examples of the Waves Mid-Month Blowout Sale for June :

The Mid-Month Blowout from Waves is now running at the DontCrack Store.

Waves V10

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Patch Hut release Quatermass for DS Audio Software ‘Thorn’

Patch Hut Quatermass

Patch Hut have released Quatermass for DS Audio Software ‘Thorn’, a collection of 50 presets and more for this excellent spectral synth from lead developer Dmitry Sches. Available from today for $22.99 at the DontCrack Store.

Patch Hut Quatermass, available now at the DontCrack Store

With 50 great presets, 2 wavetables and 30 noise samples creating some absolute brilliant sounds. Arps, bass, pads, textures and fx are all thrown into the mix to display some dark and deep sounds.

Although this library was made with Thorn CM it plays superbly with the full version, which you can add to each sound the extra oscillator and extra fx.

This library brings a lot of texture to the sounds with low rasping synth bass and sounds that have distortion along with under the cover Lfo to create subtle movement. By contrast the pads have some nice attack and with an additional 30 wav samples added, creating your own sounds should be a walk in the park.

Features :

  • 50 presets for DS Audio Software Thorn
  • 2 wavetables
  • 30 noise samples

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Toontrack release Hooks & Chords EZKeys MIDI

Screen Shot 2018-06-12 at 14.50.08

Toontrack have today released Hooks & Chords EZKeys MIDI, A creative toolbox of ideas for any writer of pop, rock, scores or commercial soundtracks, available now at the DontCrack Store!

Toontrack’s Hooks & Chords EZKeys MIDI, available now at the DontCrack Store

Musically and creatively, the Hooks & Chords EZkeys MIDI pack was made with the EZkeys Dream Machine and String Machine instruments in mind. However, seeing as the content was organized in two separate but related sections in each song – one for hooks and one for chords – it works just as well with any of the available sounds in the EZkeys Line.

Inspired by a wide range of material covering anything from pop and rock to movie scores and commercial soundtracks. Essentially, this content is suited for any songwriter looking to get instant inspiration for riffs, leading parts or quick ideas for compositions.

Expect anything from basic melodies and harmonies to arpeggiated runs, twin harmonies and all the matching chord progressions to go with them.

Feature Spotlight :

  • Piano MIDI inspired by pop, rock and score music
  • Performed by professional session player
  • 3/4 and 4/4 in straight feel with tempos ranging from 90 BPM to 132 BPM
  • Separate “Hooks” and “Chords” sections in each song with corresponding variations in each
  • Intro, verse, pre-chorus, chorus and bridge sections

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Harrison Consoles AVA De-Esser Now Available at the DontCrack Store


Harrison Consoles’ AVA De-Esser, is the second release in the exciting new cross-format plug-in range from Harrison which supports AAX, VST3, VST, and AudioUnit hosts. The AVA De-Esser implements Harrison’s 4th-generation de-esser algorithm from their famous console range that is tuned to detect and eliminate harsh sibilance in real-time. It is now available for only $49 (List $89) at the DontCrack Store

The AVA De-Esser is now available at the price of $49 at the DontCrack Store

The AVA De-Esser is the latest implementation of Harrison’s renowned De-Esser algorithm, used in ultra high-end post & film facilities worldwide. Now in the fourth generation, the Harrison De-Esser algorithm has been continuously tweaked by their customers in high-end studios around the world.

Harrison’s reputation for “True Analog In-The-Box” sound is due to a unique development heritage, where they first created an analog console processor and then converted the processor to digital while retaining the sound and character of the original analog system.

Try a free demo from the Harrison Consoles website HERE.

Features :

  • Intelligent algorithm operates on harsh sibilance while ignoring other fricatives.
  • Band Solos and Auto-Solo feature helps the user dial-in the sibilant frequency range.
  • Capable of up to 12dB reduction in sibilance.
  • Adjustable threshold & depth allow fine control over the processor’s onset and strength.
  • Fast and easy-to-use interface with 6 control dimensions accessible in the main graph.
  • Zero-latency processing, suitable for live use.
  • Gain-reduction meter appears on Pro Tools mixer strip. ( AAX format only )

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SONiVOX Release Essential Keyboard Collection


SONiVOX release Essential Keyboard Collection, 13 powerful keyboard virtual instruments in one amazing collection. Available now for only $99.99 (List $199.99) at the DontCrack Store.

SONiVOX Essential Keyboard Collection, available now at the DontCrack Store

This dynamic instrument features a wide library of highly playable sounds designed to sound great in live performances or studio use.

EK has been produced by the sound design veterans behind the highly-acclaimed Air Music Tech Mini Grand, DB-33 and Velvet plugins as well as Sonivox Eighty-Eight. Sonivox set out to provide keyboard players with the essential collection for live performance.

EK includes a selection of thirteen powerful instruments, each with their own intuitive UI built into one powerful player supporting all popular plugin formats. They can also be used as a standalone PC and Mac app when you want to plug in your keyboard and just play. This comprehensive collection includes the most requested instruments for live performance.

Each instrument includes a set of highly playable presets perfect for any musical genre or style.

Features :

  • Thirteen stunning Instruments each with multiple presets: Steinway Grand Piano, Upright Piano, Yamaha Grand Piano, Rhodes Mark I, Rhodes Mark II, Wurlitzer, Pianet, Harpsicord, Toy Piano, Clavinet, Harmonium, Tonewheel Organs, Church Organ.
  • Powerful built-in Reverb, Delay, Vibrato, and Chorus effects with multiple presets for each instrument.
  • Also works as a Standalone performance App for PC and Mac plugin your midi controller and perform with no mapping required.

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AKAI Professional Release VIP Version 3.1.1

VIP 3.1.1

AKAI Professional have released version 3.1.1 of their popular VIP Plus and Standard bundles. It brings new features and improvements that make these bundles even more attractive. They are on promo with the VIP Standard at ONLY $49.99 (List $149.99) and the VIP Plus at ONLY $69.99 (List $249.99) until the 31st of July.

Akai’s award-winning VIP is the first and only music software that enables you to control your entire VST instrument and FX library directly from any keyboard. Switch patches from all your VSTs in one place, instantly access pre-mapped plugin parameters for hands-on knob tweaking, customize pre-set loading from multiple VSTs using Setlists, and much more.

Purchase at the direct DontCrack Store links below to save big on AKAI’s VIP 3.1.1 Both VIP Plus and Standard are on promo until the 31st of July!

VIP Standard Promo

ONLY $49.99 (MSRP $149)

VIP Plus Promo

ONLY $69.99 (MSRP $249.99)


Updates for current owners of VIP Plus and VIP Standard are available here for both MAC and WINDOWS operating systems: -

VIP Version 3.1.1 Release Notes :

New Features

  • The VIP mixer solo behaviour can now be configured to Exclusive solo. Go to Settings > Preferences and enable the Exclusive solo option.
  • You can now pass plugin automation parameter names from VIP to your DAW host. Go to Settings > Preferences and enable the Automation parameters display parameter names
  • option.


  • Assigning a parameter to a macro control will no longer reset the control name to its default.
  • Akai Advance series keyboards’ LEDs and displays now match when editing macro controls.
  • Arturia Piano V2′s GUI no longer freezes VIP.
  • Soloed channels no longer get jammed on Mute when using hardware to mute them.
  • Audio is no longer muted when opening a Multi containing a soloed instrument.
  • Korg Odyssey presets may now be changed without freezing the UI.
  • Selecting a parameter for automation in Pro Tools will no longer set its value to 0.

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Nugen Audio Pricing, Updates and Discontinued Stock

Nugen Audio

Nugen Audio have today updated pricing on products, discontinued selective bundles and created two new for you. Please see the news for detailed information and view the store for new purchase prices.

Nugen Audio products are available here, at the DontCrack Store

Discontinued Products :

  • Mix Tools
  • Master Pack
  • VisLM-H2 and LM-Correct 2 combo deal
  • Halo Upmix and Halo Downmix combo deal
  • Halo Upmix and Halo Downmix both with 3D extension combo deal

New Bundles :

Surround Suite

Available now at the DontCrack Store

Contains: -

  • Halo Upmix
  • Halo Downmix
  • ISL True Peak Limiter
  • SEQ-S

Modern Mastering

Available now at the DontCrack Store

Contains: -

  • MasterCheck Pro
  • ISLst
  • Visualizer

Product Updates :

NUGEN Producer
Previously known as Producer Pack

Available on promo from today until July 31st, for only $399 at the DontCrack Store

Contains: -

  • Monofilter
  • Stereoizer
  • Visualizer
  • ISLst
  • MasterCheck
  • SEQ-ST
  • Stereoplacer
  • And the newly released “SigMod”

Previously known as Post Pack

Available at the DontCrack Store

Contains: -

  • VisLM
  • LM-Correct
  • DynApt
  • ISL
  • Halo Upmix + Halo Downmix
  • SEQ-S
  • Monofilter
  • Stereoizer
  • Visualizer
  • Stereoplacer
  • And the newly released “SigMod”

Loudness Toolkit
Previously known as Loudness Toolkit 2

Available at the DontCrack Store

Contains: -

  • VisLM
  • LM-Correct
  • DynApt
  • ISL

Previously known as Stereopack

Available at the DontCrack Store

Contains: -

  • Stereoizer
  • Monofilter
  • Stereoplacer

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Hexachords Orb Composer Pro & Artist at DontCrack

Hexachords Orb Composer

New manufacturer Hexachords bring some exciting Artificial Intelligence to your music creations with “Orb Composer Pro” and “Orb Composer Artist” software applications (starting at $199 list); designed for composers, bands, orchestrators or simply everyone fond of music.

See more info on Orb Composer Pro and Artist for purchase here, at the DontCrack Store

What is ORB Composer?

Orb is the name of the first Artificial Intelligence designed for music composers. More than 5 years of research and development were necessary to create this smart tool for composers, bands, orchestrators, to help them experiment new musical ideas and enhance their creativity.

You Are The Artist!

Orb Composer doesn’t replace the composer and doesn’t write music automatically. You have to feed Orb with your own choices. Orb creates music mock-ups based on your creativity and only with your musical ideas.

Music Templates
  • 6 ‘basic’ music templates to help you pre-select a musical environment: Orchestral, Strings, Piano, Electro, Pop-Rock and Ambient.
Your Own Music Structure
  • Structure your song as you want! You can add as many block and bar items as you wish, it’s fast and easy!
Chord Progressions
  • With the chord diagram you can drag-and-drop all different chords, from simple to complex ones, and create your own harmony.
Instrument Combinations
  • Choose the instruments you want to use for your composition, and for each instrument fine tune settings easily.
Import Melodies (MIDI)
  • Import your melodies and use Orb to create your own musical arrangement or orchestration.
Full Compatibility (VSTi, AAX, DAW)
  • Use your favorite sequencers and sound machines to exploit the full sound potential of Orb composition

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