Waves Announce “CLA Mix Down” !

Waves are proud to announce the release of “CLA Mix Down”; a new product to “Finalize your mixes”, with the ultimate mix buss plugin from Grammy-winning mixing engineer Chris Lord-Alge (Green Day, Bruce Springsteen, Keith Urban, Muse).

For over 30 years, Chris Lord-Alge has been the mixer of choice for rock royalty, from Aerosmith to U2, Foo Fighters to Muse. One of the secrets to his signature sound have been his unique punchy, smooth, in-your-face mix buss chains – and now they are all yours in the form of the CLA MixDown plugin.

“I perfected my mix buss chains over many years and 20,000 mixes,” says Chris. “I’ve taken my two favorite chains and put them under the hood of this simple-to-use, supercharged champion of a plugin. CLA MixDown features two flavors of my mix buss compression sound, plus console overdrive and a finishing EQ with the perfect bass and treble curves.”

“You can use CLA MixDown on your master channel, or you can use it the CLA way – on a master aux. You can add it after you finish mixing to secure your mix with that final touch, but I recommend you insert it before you start mixing, and then mix ‘through’ the plugin, which will help you tailor your mix and get the best sound. Either way, it will dramatically enhance your overall mix and save you precious time toward getting that final mixing touch!”

Features :

  • Simple-to-use mix buss plugin for finalizing and enriching your mixes
  • Created in collaboration with Grammy-winning mixer Chris Lord-Alge
  • Four faders for enhancing the color, dynamics and drive of your mix
  • Bass fader: Controls the richness of the mix
  • Treble fader: Increases or decreases high-frequency presence
  • Glue: Two flavors of compression for holding the mix together
  • Drive: Analog console overdrive for increasing harmonic distortion

CLA Mix Down is currently on promo for $29 (MSRP $99), at the DontCrack Store.

Waves CLA Mix Down


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BeatSkillz Release Breakdance Drums !

BeatSkillz proudly release Breakdance Drums, bringing you the “Hottest”, Processed Drum Sounds from the 80′s era of Breakbeats and Breakdancing!

All the drum sounds are already compressed, eq’d with Hardware Outboard Gear, and were sampled using vintage samplers such as the EMU EMAX, SP-1200 and MPC 60… bringing you the original “grit” and upfront drum sounds that “cut through” a mix and sound organic. This is something special.

Load up the plugin or the sounds (.Wav’s included) into your DAW or hardware sampler and start making the hottest breakbeats which have come around again to top the charts!

Features :

  • 50 Drum Kits
  • Over 600 Drum One Shot Samples
  • 100+ Kicks, 100+ Snares, Hi Hats, Perc, Cymbals, Etc
  • Vocoder Samples / Kits Included
  • Set Pitch, Attack, Release, Reverb Globally
  • Adjust Volume and Pan per Drum Pad (12)
  • Instant Download Product

BeatSkillz Breakdance Drums, availble now at the DontCrack Store.

BeatSkillz Breakdance Drums


Sounds :

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SONNOX release Oxford Dynamic EQ

Have you tried to control boomy or harsh frequencies using a traditional static EQ but found you compromised the integrity of the original recording? Then found that writing automation lost you precious time and sounded unnatural? Perhaps you’ve heard that a multiband compressor is the answer but it left you scratching your head?

Then the Oxford Dynamic EQ is the tool you need, providing just the required amount of processing when you need it and takes little time to set up. Five bands of the ultra-musical Type-3 EQ curve can be overlapped to bring unparalleled control and characteristic Sonnox transparency to your single sources, instrument groups and 2-bus alike.

The Dynamic EQ introduces unique features such as the option to engage the effect by onset (transient) detection – very useful when working with drums and percussion. Additionally, mid-side processing can be used to enhance a vocal without affecting side-channel balance or to open up a mix by focusing low end energy in the centre.

Oxford Dynamic EQ is available at an introductory price of $269 now at the DontCrack Store.

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SONiVOX July 50% Off Promo

SONiVOX is an industry leader in the development of cutting-edge virtual instruments, combining outstanding sound quality with innovative features and expressive playability to deliver the finest in digital music creation tools.

From their Film Score Companion, a Complete Film Score Sound Production Package to the their world-class libraries of sampled intruments you can find almost every type of sound or instrument that you might need to give you inspiration. There are also collections of Beats and Song loops where you will find all the ammunition you need in the form of earth quakin’ kicks & basslines, dramatic chords & synth riffs to build up professional chart-topping hits.

From today until the 31st of July, you can get your choice of SONiVOX at 50% off. Use them to deliver more depth, drama and suspense to your productions than ever before!

SONiVOX products are on promo at 50% off now at the DontCrack Store.

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PSP Audioware – Processor Pack Sale

PSP Audioware have today announced a huge 50% off their ‘Processor Pack’, a collective suite of 19 plug-ins to tempt your taste buds this 4th of July!

PSP develops high quality audio effect and processor plug-ins. Thier products garner rave reviews and endorsements from every corner of the music production, engineering, composition, and post-production worlds, and have become staples in professional and home studios worldwide. ” It’s The Sound That Counts! “

The Processor Pack includes the following plug-ins: -

  • ClassicQ
  • ConsoleQ
  • E27
  • McQ
  • MasterQ2
  • Neon HR
  • NobleQ
  • preQursor2
  • RetroQ
  • BussPressor
  • FETpressor
  • MasterComp
  • oldTimer ME
  • VintageWarmer 2
  • Xenon
  • MixPack2
  • StereoPack
  • TripleMeter
  • X-Dither

PSP Audioware Processor Pack, available at the DontCrack Store.

PSP Audioware Processor Pack Sale

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Audionamix Independence Day Sales – 30% Off !

Our good friends at Audionamix are having an “Independence Day” 30% off sale, from today through July 14th on all plug-ins and software applications! Check out the deals below…

Audionamix Independence Day Sales, available at the DontCrack Store.

Audionamix Independence Day Sales

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AKAI Professional Announce 50% Off On All MPC Expansion Packs !

Our good friends at AKAI Professional have announced a great offer; 50% off on ‘ALL’ MPC Expansion Packs. Until August 31st, 2017, the followng packs are available on promotion: -


  • LO-FI Soul & Future Beats
  • Hook City Trap & B
  • Hook City Trap and Soul
  • Tim Kelley Presents Vol. 1
  • Araab Muzik
  • Vegas Festival
  • Urban Roulette
  • Sound Mob
  • Melodic Horizon
  • Dark Parallax
  • Chilled Trap
  • 2 Step Garage
  • Raw Cutz

Listed AKAI MPC Expansion Packs are available on promo, here at the DontCrack Store.

AKAI MPC Expansion Pack Promo

Requirements :

Akai Professional MPC hardware is required.

Here are a list of supported units: -

  • MPC Touch
  • MPC Live
  • MPC X
  • MPC Renaissance
  • MPC Element (Essentials)
  • MPK2 Series Keyboards (Essentials)
  • MPD2 Series Pad controllers (Essentials)

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BeatSkillz July 4th Promo – 25% Off Plug-ins!

Our friends at BeatSkillz are having a 4th of July promotion, running through July 9th, you can get their plug-ins at 25% OFF! See the listed products and prices highlighted below.

BeatSkillz are an audio software company, making cutting edge processing plug-ins and virtual instruments for the modern music producer. They pride themselves on making great sounding, great looking and inspiring audio tools.

Their goal is to make the music creation and sound production process easy. With powerful plug-ins, producers can get pro results without complex GUI’s, pages or the need for infinite parameters to tweak. With products so easy to use, users can load and start working with them in an instant!

BeatSkillz plug-ins, 25% off, at the DontCrack Store.

BeatSkillz 4th July Sales

Retro Bundle

MSRP $89 Promo $66

Retro KZ

MSRP $49 Promo $36

Urban Producer Bundle

MSRP $249 Promo $186

Retro Hit

MSRP $59 Promo $44

Slam Pro

MSRP $149 Promo $111

Bollywood Maharaja Drums

MSRP $99 Promo $74


MSRP $99 Promo $74


MSRP $119 Promo $89

That Thing

MSRP $59 Promo $44

Slam Dawg

Not included in promo Sale Price $49


Not included in promo Sale Price $99

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Rob Papen 20th Year celebration Promo

Hard to believe it’s already 20 years that Rob Papen has been supplying his world-class synths and effects to the plug-in market, right? As a long-time patch designer for some of the most popular synths on the planet, Rob Papen knows how to squeeze amazing sounds from any synth he touches. More than that, he knows exactly what he needs from a synthesizer in order to create his much sought-after tones.

To celebrate this milestone, as of today until the end of July there is a 20% price reduction on all the RP products. So if you were interested in getting in getting a RP synth or effect there is no better time to do it.

Rob Papen products are on promo now at the DontCrack Store.

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McDSP July Savings

During the whole of July selected McDSP products are on promo on the store. McDSP plug-ins have a reputation amongst audio professionals that is second to none, their ease of use and incredible sound quality have made them the go-to favourites of leading engineers for years!

Colin McDowell founded McDSP in 1998, and the company are now based in Silicon Valley in California. Before setting up McDSP, Colin was a key signal processing engineer at Digidesign and his work included conceiving, designing and prototyping the Digidesign Multishell for the Pro Tools Mix system. He was also part of the team that created the Dolby E algorithm for Dolby Labs.

The following McDSP plug-ins are on special promo this month.

McDSP plug-ins are on promo now at the DontCrack Store.

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