AKAI release Distant Pulse for MPC Software

Akai Professional are proud to bring you Distant Pulse, the latest in the Instrument specific sound packs for standalone or 2.0 software. MPC users now have instant access to 64 earth shattering INSTRUMENTS specifically designed to expand your instrument collection within Standalone MPC removing the need of DAW virtual instruments when traveling.

Distant Pulse is a collection of Analogue/Digital instrument patches that deliver outstanding sonic quality across all the latest genres enhancing your MPC production skills. Instantly load patch types such as “Deep Club Basses, Ambient Lush Pads, Deep Synths, Dark Epic Pads, Moody Reverb Plucks, Epic Leads and Ambient Keys, expanding your instrument collection for all Standalone MPC’s”. Each patch has been carefully sampled and Keymapped into AKP formats with all loop points set – allowing you to take advantage of features such as “Pad Performance Mode” for instant chord progressions and scale functionality.

Akai Professional provides you with the best and most authentic sounds available. Each instrument patch brings you detailed sonic quality along with assigned FX and Q-Link filters for maximum performance.

MPC 1.9 will not support the following MPC 2.0 expansion features:
Demo Projects: Clip-Launch Programs: 2.0 Factory Program Q-Link maps not fully supported within 1.9. (Users may require manual mapping).

Features :

  • 64 MPC Instruments
  • 19 Bass
  • 8 Keys
  • 10 Lead
  • 8 Pads
  • 8 Pluck
  • 11 Synth

Distant Pulse for MPC Software, available at the DontCrack Store.

Distant Pulse for MPC Softwrae

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Nomad Factory releases 80′s Spaces

Nomad Factory today announce the release of 80′s Spaces in collaboration with MoReVoX; a uniquely designed plug-in that captures the essence of and spacial realization heard on many of the great records of the era.

80′s Spaces is an original “80’s vibes” plug-in that was initiated by Plugivery CEO Eric Nolot and old time friend Bernie Torelli of Nomad Factory 3 years ago, and is surely the most original and creative plug-in ever built by Nomad Factory.

It “magically” reproduces the typical reverbs and space effect units used by legendary artists such as Michael Jackson, Madonna, Duran Duran, Guns N’ Roses, Tears for Fears, David Bowie, Depeche Mode, U2, Eurythmics, George Michael, Phil Collins, Queen and so many others.

Your classic gated reverbs, lush, cavernous and sweeping tails, short rooms and chorused verbs are all here with minimal adjustments required in a single-plated interface for use as an insert or on aux tracks with dry/wet control for mix blend, chorus, decay, gate, filter and other parameters at hand.

“The vibe on the 80’s Spaces is perfect!”.

“The moment I heard it coming back at me, I knew I was back adding reverb to a Bangles vocal. And the chorus and width functions are perfect additions for this decade!”.

David Kahne – Producer
(Paul McCartney, Regina Spektor, The Strokes, Ingrid Michaelson…)

Presets are provided by MoReVoX and Nomad Factory engineers to get you started.

80′s Spaces may be downloaded from the Nomad Factory download page HERE.

Check out the cool video from DontCrack’s CEO, Eric Nolot

Features :

  • 380 Presets
  • Pre Delay
  • Chorus
  • Width
  • Hi/Low Pass Filters
  • Dry/Wet Control
  • Gate
  • Decay
  • Parameter Display with intelligent Waveform Overview

80′s Spaces is available for $89 (List $199) through January 22nd, at the DontCrack Store.

80's Spaces

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Touch Loops Sample Libraries now available at DontCrack

Touch Loops is a sound design and sample company with a passion for classic recording techniques, analogue processing and music with soul. As a team, they strive to design the finest sounds to embellish your music production and compositions.

Touch Loops was started by Ryan Miller and Chris Ward, who have been involved in the music and sample industry for the many years in different forms working for numerous companies, performing live, writing music and scoring adverts.

They felt that there was room in the market for a company that had a real love for analogue tones that utilised old recording techniques and hardware with an obvious emphasis on the Hip-hop and soul styles of music.

Much attention was placed on the visual design of the products and on the audio quality. Touch Loops aim is to provide great products that solve many music production sticking points producers and musicians face. It has paid off as they have been overwhelmed by the positivity that’s been shown to them by the persons who use their products.

They have been working quite closely with Air Music Technology developing sound banks for their products. Recently they have also been working with AKAI & Ableton and launched a ‘Win your music to vinyl’ competition.

While continuing the work that they have been doing in the sample market, Touch Loops are looking forward to expanding into software development. There is a lot to look forward to from this young company considering what excellent products they have already brought to the Sample Libraries market.

The entire range of Touch Loops products is now available for you to purchase at DontCrack.


Touch Loops products are available at the DontCrack Store.

Touch Loops

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AKAI release MPC 2.0.8 update

AKAI have today released the next version update to their MPC Software, the acclaimed composition software featuring audio track recording, real-time audio warping, Audio and MIDI drag-and-drop, along with enhanced Q-Link™ control. Version 2.0.8.

What’s New in version 2.0.8?

Advanced Editor

  • Fixed an issue where copied tracks do not appear in slide in menus.

As Plugin

  • Bounce to Sample now renders at the correct BPM when used in the plug-in version of MPC.

Audio Edit

  • Audio regions will now be selected when dragged on the grid.
  • Fixed an issue where copying bars across sequences would create overlapping audio regions.
  • The Marquee Tool ‘split’ function is now more accurate.
  • Fixed an inconsistency with audio region multiple selection after changing modes.

Audio Mixdown

  • It is no longer possible to enable playback during an export.

Audio Tracks

  • It is no longer possible to record arm an audio track during recording when using LCD hardware.


  • Program automation is now always duplicated when doubling the Sequence length.
  • Semi and Fine Clip Automation is no longer labelled as “Layer 1 Semi Tune” and “Layer 1 Fine Tune”.
  • Simultaneous Play and Mute Target automation is now recorded correctly.


  • Fixed an issue where the first selection in the Browser wouldn’t auto audition.
  • Hybrid presets now show correctly in the Expansion Browser.

Channel Mixer

  • Fixed an issue where insert effects couldn’t be copied across tracks in the Channel Mixer.
  • Fixed an issue where insert effect names would not appear in the Channel Mixer LCD.
  • The LCD Channel Mixer now updates when you mute Audio Tracks.

Clip Program Edit

  • Fixed an issue when adjusting clip start and end marker Q-Links in Clip Program Edit.


  • Fixed a crash after selecting a non-existent audio track in the Erase pop-up.


  • Bounced and exported files are now the correct length.
  • Fixed a hang when Bouncing a Program to an Audio Track.
  • Fixed a crash when quitting MPC during an export.
  • It is no longer possible to hide the progress pop-up during an export.


  • Auto Scroll is now not disabled when switching modes.
  • The start and end parameters in Program Edit Wave View are now functional.

Grid View

  • Fixed an issue where the Grid View zoom slider scaling was incorrect after using the Reset Zoom key command.


  • The MPC X’s Pad Mixer and Channel Mixer button LEDs no longer incorrectly illuminate when adjusting the Vintage Mode setting.

Main Mode

  • Program level values now display double figures on LCD screens.
  • The right edge of the Grid View is no longer cut off screen when the horizontal scroll bar is at the far right.


  • Scroll bars in the Channel Mixer and Pad Mixer now disappear when they are not needed.


  • The New Project Dialog preference has been removed from MPC 2.0.

Program Edit Drum

  • The Q-Link OLED for Program Polyphony now always displays the correct value.
  • Fixed an issue where zooming via a Q-Link stops working after copying a pad in Program Edit.

Program Edit Plugin/Midi

  • Hybrid’s Parameters now display correctly in Program Edit.

Programs – Drum

  • Fixed a graphical issue when attempting unsupported pad assignments.


  • Metronome Enable and Audio Monitor Q-Links are now more responsive.
  • Programs from MPC 1.9 with Q-Link assignments set to Note On and OFF will now load correctly.

Sample Edit

  • Playback in Sample Edit no longer gets interrupted if sample start or end is adjusted whilst Slice Preview is enabled.
  • Sample Edit zoom and scroll Q-Link values now display the correct percentage.
  • Sample Edit’s “Detect Tempo” feature is now more accurate.
  • Sample Edit’s zoom and scroll OLEDs will now update more smoothly when adjusted.

Saving and Loading

  • In the plug-in version of MPC, the progress pop-up no longer displays “Loading” when saving or exporting.
  • Fixed a crash after replacing a program and undoing.
  • MPC project files now display the MPC logo in Windows Explorer.

Step Sequence

  • The ‘Pad’ field in the Step Sequencer now displays both the pad number and sample name on the LCD user-interface.
  • Fixed the Pad Select F-key for LCD hardware in the Step Sequencer.

Track View

  • Fixed an issue with the alignment of the audio and MIDI event selection boxes in Track View.
  • It is now possible to assign an available program of any type using the MIDI track headers in Track View.
  • The styling of a selected track in the Channel Mixer now matches Track View.


  • Fixed an Ableton Link sync issue.

AKAI MPC software, available at the DontCrack Store.

AKAI MPC 2.0 Software

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Arobas Music Guitar Pro 7 Available Now !

DontCrack are proud to announce the availability of Arobas Music Guitar Pro 7 at their store, from today, at the great price of only $69.95.

Guitar Pro is a powerful score player really helpful to learn how to play, improve your technique, reproduce your favorite songs or accompany yourself.

Guitar Pro 7 allows you to compose and read music scores using the musical notation of your favorite instrument. Display the tablature notation to learn guitar riffs or use the standard notation to read music score for piano, drums, brass and strings. Rediscover also the Slash notation to sight-read easily rhythmic patterns from chord charts, and much more…

Tablature & Score Reader

Guitar Pro offers many reading features: 3 types of notation (standard/tablature/slash), zoom and virtual fretboard/keyboard to visualize the exact positioning of your fingers on them.

Edit Your Compositions

Create your own professional scores for one or several instruments and capture your notes quickly with the numerical pad, the mouse, or even a MIDI instrument.

Mix Your Sounds

The sound engine offers more than 1000 sounds (presets) using 200 soundbanks and 80 effects/amps modeling recorded in studio. Select your sounds among the built-in sounds or create your own presets.

Improve Your Technique

Enjoy a series of tools to optimize your practice sessions: tempo, looper, metronome, chord and scale library, guitar and piano fretboard. You can also edit or buy full scores files and then be able to solo or mute individual parts.

Thousand Of Online Tabs

The Guitar Pro file format is the most widespread when it comes to look for tabs online. Download songs online or access to 2000 high quality full instruments tabs made by the team on mySongBook.

Share Your Music

Print your tabs, read it on your Guitar Pro app for smartphone or tablet, or export it in various formats like PDF, audio, image, MusicXML, MIDI…

Guitar Pro 7, your all-in-one Notation Software. Available now at the DontCrack Store.

Guitar Pro 7

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BeatRig Xmas Sale starts- 20% off!

BeatRig was at the forefront of defining loudness standards and actively helped the EBU to create the R128 broadcast loudness recommendation. They are THE experts in the loudness specifications.

They provide Software solutions that solve loudness problems for you with automatic compliance to the EBU R128 recommendation or the ATSC A/85 and Calm Act specifications. Their product line is optimised for all types of program material and offers a clear view of the major loudness levels.

With their smart preset based interfaces and unlimited batch file processing, Their products will improve your post production speed dramatically and perform all your level normalisation tasks automatically and accurately.

Products on Promotion :

LevelOne v2 for $94 instead of $119


LevelNorm for $63 instead of $79


LevelView for $63 instead of $79


LevelView for $33 instead of $42


SideKick Extended 6 for $33 instead of $42


BeatRig Products are on promo through Dec 27th, at the DontCrack Store.


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Antares have announced a Holiday Sale on their Harmony Engine Evo plug-in!

Harmony Engine Evo incorporates Antares’ groundbreaking Evo™ Voice Processing Technology for faster, more accurate pitch detection, smoother, artifact-free pitch shifting, and seamless, natural-sounding (if you want it to be) throat modeling. And with 5 channels of Antares’ unique CHOIR Vocal Multiplier, you can create huge vocal ensembles out of a single vocal line.


  • Antares’ groundbreaking Evo™ Voice Processing Technology for faster, more accurate pitch detection and smoother, artifact-free pitch shifting.
  • Four high-quality, formant-corrected harmony voices with independent vocal character, vibrato, and pan settings.
  • Five channels of our unique CHOIR Vocal Multiplier, to let you turn each voice into 2, 4, or 8 individual unison voices, perfect for creating jaw-droppingly amazing choirs out of a single vocal line.
  • Antares Throat Modeling technology that lets you process each harmony voice through a physical model of the human vocal tract.
  • A variety of innovative Harmony Control modes, from fully automatic to individual control of every note.
  • Spread and Register controls that allow you to quickly and intuitively set the pitch range and harmony style of your vocal arrangement.
  • Humanize functions that provide selectable amounts of variation to each harmony voice for realistic, natural sounding results.
  • A Freeze function that allows a unique variety of backup vocal effects by letting you instantly freeze pitch and/or formant articulation.
  • A Harmony Preset matrix that lets you create up to 15 complete harmony settings and instantaneously recall them in real time or via automation.
  • A Voice Parameter Preset matrix that lets you create and instantly recall up to 6 different “vocal groups”.
  • Five-channel output capability (host dependent) that lets you assign or export the original input and each of the four harmony voices to their own channels for further processing.

Antares Harmony Engine Evo, ONLY $49 through Dec 25th, at the DontCrack Store.

Antares Harmony Engine Evo

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Audionamix Holiday Sale – Up to 40% off

Our friends at Audionamix have today announced their Holiday Sale promotions for next 5 days until December, 25th where you can buy any of their audio source separation plug-ins at discounted prices.

Promotions :

ADX PROFESSIONAL SUITE for $839 instead of $1199

Simply the best. You wear many hats in this industry, and this bundle gives you the best solution for both music and post-production workflows. Separate speech, vocals, melody and more with TRAX Pro SP, our most powerful standalone software. Work within your DAW with VVC and SVC, and tackle any issue with full access to the ADX product line.


POST-PRODUCTION BUNDLE for $734 instead of $1049

The post-production engineer’s dream come true. Separate, isolate and control dialogue independently from background elements in mono and stereo recordings. Reduce or remove noise, improve speech intelligibility, clean up dialogue and much more. Use the SVC plug-in for quick fixes without leaving your DAW, then send your trickiest files to TRAX Pro SP, our most advanced separation solution.


MUSIC PRODUCTION BUNDLE for $384 instead of $549

The best value for music production workflows. Use VVC to automate vocal volume and pan position within previously mastered mixes. Use TRAX Pro to create A Cappellas, unique instrument samples, and deconstruct mono and stereo files.


PLUG-IN BUNDLE for $244 instead of $349

Easy workflow integration on both Windows and Mac systems. Adjust speech and melodic vocals +/- 12dB within any mono or stereo mix, all from the comfort of your favorite DAW.


ADX SVC for $149 instead of $249

Have you ever found yourself struggling to hear dialogue through loud background noises on a production recording? Have you ever needed to boost dialogue within a mix, but didn’t have the stems or multi track session? Then Audionamix have a solution for you!

With a few simple clicks of the mouse, SVC automatically identifies and separates speech, allowing you +/- 12dB of independent control over both speech and background elements.


ADX VVC for $119 instead of $199

Using state-of-the-art audio analysis and separation techniques, this revolutionary plug-in will automatically separate a master recording’s lead vocal from its accompanying music track.

The ADX Vocal Volume Control (VVC) plug-in is a one-of-a-kind solution for controlling volume level and pan position of a lead vocal within a mono or stereo final master mix, without requiring the original multitrack stems.


TRAX 3 for $239 instead of $299

TRAX was the world’s first non-destructive, automated melodic audio source separation software. Recognised for its innovation, intuitive interface, straight-forward refinement tools and its ability to separate melodic content from mono or stereo audio files.


TRAX 3 SP for $479 instead of $599

TRAX 3 SP builds on the foundation of the award-winning software, ADX TRAX, to offer the first full-feature, automated speech separation software. Separate, isolate and remove melodies, vocals, speech and dialogue from full mono or stereo mixes.


TRAX PRO 3 for $399 instead of $499

With improved separation quality, faster processing speeds and enhanced spectral editing features, separating a melody from a mix just got easier with ADX TRAX Pro 3.0.
This product also includes the new STEMS file export feature, making ADX TRAX Pro 3.0 the perfect crossover tool for Audio Engineers, DJs, Producers, Remixers and Post Production Engineers.


TRAX PRO 3 SP for $799 instead of $999

TRAX Pro SP introduces a speech-optimized separation algorithm which automatically detects and separates speech, allowing you to extract or remove dialogue from background elements. TRAX Pro SP also includes a new automatic consonants detection feature to help maintain the clarity of the separated voice. We’ve also expanded the lower pitch range on separations to improve the performance of the software on deeper voices.


All Audionamix products promotions are available here, at the DontCrack Store.

Audionamix Holiday Sale

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IRCAM Lab The Snail on Promo !

Ircam Lab’s The Snail is now available on promo at only $39 until the end of the year, Dec. 31st 2017.

Available as a standalone application for Mac and Windows, and AXX, AU, VST format plug-in, The Snail is a very high-precision frequency-domain analyzer that delivers an easy to understand representation of sounds based on the scales and notes aligned in spectrally active zones.

It offers a new way of tuning and analyzing an instrument in an extremely accurate way, displaying intonation and visualizing music and sounds in a way that can help anyone improve their listening and intonation!

Think of a film camera turning at 24 frames per second filming a bicycle wheel turning at 24 revolutions a second, the spokes will appear to be standing still. That means, for a Fourier analysis of frequency at 439Hz compared to a tuning reference of 440Hz, the demodulated phase will turn at 1Hz (as a slightly de-synchronised stroboscope makes a rotating object have a slow movement). Think of audio signals ’beating’ as there is a interference between two sounds at slightly different frequencies.

Compared to standard spectrum analyzers based on Fourier-type analysis, the frequency accuracy is enhanced by a process based on the demodulated phase. This system is based on a recent patented technology, conceived at the laboratory of Science and Technology of Music and Sound IRCAM-CNRS-UPMC.

Features :

  • Sound source Waveform visualisation
  • Simple intuitive interface
  • Ultimate accuracy in tuning
  • Different combinations of views available
  • Audio player with waveform display to allow analysis of any song or sound
  • Live input for tuning of external sources
  • Tuner mode or Music mode
  • Adjustable Tuning Reference pitch
  • Transposing feature
  • Display of phase relationships possible
  • Hz information display
  • User adjustable colour schemes

This process has a dedicated algorithm which exploits the technology in several ways to:

1. Improve the frequency precision at an adjustable rate. Letting you fine-tune the accuracy of the Snail to get you an absolute tuning

2. Go beyond the global stroboscopic techniques used in some high-quality tuners by analyzing all the local spectral components and rendering this information in a convenient visual form. You see all the surrounding frequencies and overtones as well as the basic fundamentals.

3. Exploit the local information to deliver a new notion of tuning (available for slightly or highly in-harmonic sounds) and to visualize the harmonic quality (a “bad string” can be immediately identified or a resonance that is out of tune in your instrument, or resonances that cause some notes to be more present (ringing) than other – which might be desirable or not).

4. Extract those elements that prevent an accurate tuning from being done, like noise or speech from the surroundings which make tuning easier, without interfering with the accuracy. Filtering out unwanted frequencies are not part of the object of the tuning.

When the tuner layout mode is displayed a rotating hexagon the speed of its rotation allows the estimation of the very refined tuning, the slower the rotation the closer you are to being in tune. When it stops completely and changes to a green colour, you are absolutely in tune.

IRCAMLab The Snail, $39 through December 31, at the DontCrack Store.

IRCAMLab The Snail

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PSP reverbs on offer until the 28th of DEC

Our friends at PSP Audioware have today announced their promotions for next 10 days until December, 28th where you can buy any of their reverb plug-ins at discounted prices:

See the details below…

Promotions :

PSP Nexcellence for $69 instead of $149

PSP Nexcellence is a rich-sounding, spring emulation inspired by and modeled after “Necklace-type” reverb units. It provides two different spring set processors and can use one or both of its processing engines simultaneously.

PSP Nexcellence

PSP 2445 EMT for $69 instead of $149

PSP thoroughly researched how to bring the specific features of those simple, yet very musical sounding reverbs to life as a plug-in. We then improved from the originals with a handy set of parameters to control details of the sound and mix the reverb not available in the original hardware. The PSP 2445 EMT is capable of processing using one selected engine or both of them simultaneously.

PSP 2445 EMT

PSP PianoVerb2 for $19 instead of $49

Like the original PianoVerb it creates its unique sound with twelve resonant filters that mimic the behavior of piano strings. The ability to transpose, tune and detune the set of strings allow you to set up PianoVerb2 to deliver a wide range of reverberations ranging from traditional wide spread reverb to unique and unusual resonances.

PSP PianoVerb2

PSP SpringBox for $29 instead of $99

It recreates several features typical of a spring reverb, such as a convincing “boing” on transients and a repeatable resonating musical character with an adjustable presence. A selection of configurations from two to six springs total is provided, as well as the ability to set stereo spread and pan/balance configured to suit various mix setups – from a typical guitar reverb to a creative uses as a send reverb in the mix. Thanks to PSP SpringBox’s two channel A and B settings setup and range of presets operation is fast and easy.

PSP SpringBox

PSP EasyVerb for $29 instead of $69

PSP EasyVerb contains nine high quality reverb algorithms designed to simulate physical spaces (ambience, room, chamber, club, hall, arena, cathedral) or popular reverb machines such as plate and spring reverbs. In developing this plug-in, we endeavored to make it simple to use, while offering enough control over each algorithm for you to customize the effect to your specific needs. In other words we wanted to offer you a reverb that is operationally “easy”, but sonically complex!


All PSP products are available here, at the DontCrack Store.


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