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    Plug-ins : A Thunderous Rockin' Amplifier

    FireSonic Bundle

    FireSonic BundleFireSonic Bundle

    Plug-ins : The Complete FireSonic Collection

    Pulsar 1178

    Pulsar 1178Pulsar 1178

    Plug-ins : The most versatile FET Compressor

    Linda RockStack

    Linda RockStackLinda RockStack

    Plug-ins : Balance on the edge, the key to a great guitar tone

    AVA Bass Flow

    AVA Bass FlowAVA Bass Flow

    Plug-ins : Channel strip plug-in designed for mixing bass

    Nx Ocean Way Nashville

    Nx Ocean Way NashvilleNx Ocean Way Nashville

    Plug-ins : To create stellar mixes, you need a stellar mixing environment.

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