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      BaxterEQBaxterEQ  Plug-ins & effects - TTrrTransparent mastering and mix buss shelving  windows
      BootEQ mkIIBootEQ mkII  Plug-ins & effects - Mixing EQ  windows
      Density mkIIIDensity mkIII  Plug-ins & effects - Bus compressor  windows
      EpicVerbEpicVerb  Plug-ins & effects - Digital reverberation simulator  windows
      FerricTDSFerricTDS  Plug-ins & effects - Tape dynamics simulator  windows
      NastyDLANastyDLA  Plug-ins & effects - Chorus with delay  windows
      NastyVCSNastyVCS  Plug-ins & effects - Virtual console strip  windows
      PreFIXPreFIX  Plug-ins & effects - Audio alignment tool  windows
      RescueRescue  Plug-ins & effects - Analog style modelled signal designer  windows
      TesslaPROTesslaPRO  Plug-ins & effects - Transient aware signal saturator  windows
      TesslaSETesslaSE  Plug-ins & effects - Transformer saturation simulator  windows
      ThrillseekerLAThrillseekerLA  Plug-ins & effects - Amplifier  windows

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