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    Super Destroy FX Bufferoverride

    Buffer Override can overcome your host app's audio processing buffer size and then (unsuccessfully) override that new buffer size to be a smaller buffer size. It makes a lot more sense if you just try it out and hear what it does. It can sound like a stuttery vocoder or a stuck beat shuffler or many other delightful things. In certain hosts, you can also "play" Buffer Override via MIDI notes and even sync it to song tempo.


      Mac OS Bufferoverride 2.0  Freeware    VST Download Bufferoverride 2.0 Download    (760 Ko)
      Mac OS X Bufferoverride 2.1  Freeware    AU Download Bufferoverride 2.1 Download    (300 Ko)
      Windows XP Bufferoverride 2.0  Freeware    VST Download Bufferoverride 2.0 Download    (760 Ko)

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