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    innovative sampler instrument

    Plasq Musolomo

    Musolomo allows real-time sampling and playback in a unique way.
    Musolomo was conceived as a musicians version of the lomo camera- a quick and easy way to capture moments in time. However, don't be decieved. Musolomo is immensly powerful, accurate and flexible.

    Usage Examples :
    - You are working on a remix. You want a way to very quickly chop up a loop into sections. You can actually play the way you want it chopped, as the sample plays. Then you have a complete musical bar, or phrase mapped across a large amount of samples, which you can then play back in any order you want.
    - You are performing with some loops, and youwant a musical way to add breakdowns and fills to a loop, so you sample some on the fly and simply play occasional 'fills' made of the original source material.
    - You use your computer like a hardware looper, sampling and triggering, erasing and re-mapping without the need to look at the screen.
    - You are beatboxing, and you wish there was a way to capture samples as quickly as you can come up with them.
    - You are in a band. You have an electric guitarist in the band you are in. She plays a riff, and you can instantly sample that line and play back a new melody, with her own notes in the next bar as a response.


      Mac Universal Binary Musolomo 1.1.1b  Freeware    AU Download Musolomo 1.1.1b Download   
      Mac OS X Musolomo 1.1  Freeware    AU Download Musolomo 1.1 Download   
      Mac OS X Musolomo 1.0  Freeware    AU Download Musolomo 1.0 Download   

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