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    MIDI Control Center

    converts the input of various devices to MIDI-events

    Tobybear MIDI Control Center

    MIDI Control Center (MCC) is a useful standalone application that converts the input of various devices (keyboard, mouse, joystick and programmable oscillators) to MIDI-events (e.g. controllers or notes).

    The following control/input devices are available:
    - 16 key faders
    - 2 mouse boxes
    - 1 joystick field
    - 3 LFOs

    You can use 4 keys per key fader and for every mouse box you can assign MIDI events to the X and Y axis, separately for the left and right mouse button.

    Every single control can be configured individually:
    In the "Settings" dialog you can choose the MIDI channel (1..16, 0=no output), the MIDI event with LSB/MSB and the minimal/maximal values that define the control range.

    These MIDI messages can be created and sent:
    - note on/off
    - MIDI CC controller
    - program change
    - RPN/NRPN
    - key pressure
    - aftertouch
    - pitchbend

    It includes a powerful setting morpher that blends all of your options from one setting to another. This morphing is even automatable by a MIDI CC itself!


      Windows XP MIDI Control Center 1.7  Freeware    App Download MIDI Control Center 1.7 Download   

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