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    Looping system

    Nicolas Fournel Gloops

    It is a real-time 4-voice looper, that can be controlled by MIDI. The output of the program can be saved as a wave file.

    It contained 3 sections:
    - Editor
    - Filter
    - Amplifier

    How to use Gloops ?
    - Live usage: you can use Gloops in real-time, with the mouse or from a MIDI controller.
    A MIDI control change number can be assigned to every knob.
    - Studio usage: you can record Gloops' audio output into a .WAV file with the Record button.
    Then, you can process the .WAV file in any sound editor such as Sound Forge / Wavelab etc..., or import it as an audio track in a sequencer.
    Note that some sound cards such as the SoundBlaster Live also allow you to record the output of the card while its playing.
    You can also use utilies such as AudioMagic.


      Windows XP Gloops 1.0  Freeware    App Download Gloops 1.0 Download    (43 Ko)

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    Nicolas FournelNicolas Fournel
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