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    Avid D-Verb

    From spacious halls to intimate rooms, D-Verb brings professional-quality reverb and ambience processing to single or multiple tracks of your Pro Tools session. D-Verb can be run on single or multiple tracks, auxiliary inputs, and group masters, in mono, stereo, or "mono-to-stereo" to create a stereo image from a mono track.

    D-Verb is now included for FREE in the DigiRack plug-in set that is bundled with all Pro Tools versions 6.0 and higher.


      Windows XP D-Verb 10.2  Freeware    RTAS, TDM Download D-Verb 10.2 Download   
      Mac Intel D-Verb 10.2  Freeware    RTAS, TDM Download D-Verb 10.2 Download   
      Mac OS X D-Verb 1.0  Freeware    RTAS, TDM Download D-Verb 1.0 Download    (5Mo)

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