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    Spicy Guitar

    virtual guitar

    Spicy Guitar Spicy Guitar

    Spicy Guitar is a real-time acoustic guitar synthesis software. Based on a new synthesis method, it sounds really realistic.

    The Spicy Guitar project is the product of one year's work by two students at the Ecole Centrale Paris. We wanted to combine our passion for music, specifically the guitar, with our experience in the sciences.

    Thanks to an original idea, we have developed a real-time sound synthesis software simulating acoustic guitar tones. It is based on physical modeling algorithms inspired by research works on modal synthesis, physical modeling, and convolution technology.

    Since the mechanical and acoustic properties of the instrument are incorporated in our models, Spicy Guitar realistically simulates different guitars.

    It is far from perfect, as we mainly focused our efforts on the synthesis method itself. Thus, you may find the playability to be basic, and you may experience some difficulties in using Spicy Guitar in your own compositions. But it is a good indication of the potential future of virtual acoustic instruments: more science and less use of samples!

    If Spicy Guitar is well-received, we will continue our work by aiming to improve its playability (through artificial intelligence techniques) and the model of the plucking process. The results of our first tests conducted in those areas were promising.


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