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    Music Practice Software

    NCH Software PlayPerfect

    Practice, learn and improve playing your musical instrument

    PlayPerfect is a completely free music practice program.

    - Moving cursor shows the next note
    - Notes change color to show if you played them right or wrong
    - Set the tempo, or speed, of the piece you are practicing
    - Practice with the built-in metronome to keep the tempo while you play
    - Performance reports give you an overall score and statistics on your practice session
    - Practice sessions are recorded as MP3 music files
    - Listen to your practice recordings from the performance report or practice history
    - Play loaded songs to hear what the music should sound like
    - Load MIDI files (.mid) or scores created by Crescendo Music Notation Software (.cdo)
    - Practice from and save songs in the library


      Windows XP PlayPerfect 0.94  Freeware    App Download PlayPerfect 0.94 Download   
      Windows XP PlayPerfect 1.0  Freeware    App Download PlayPerfect 1.0 Download   

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