Max/msp/jitter Updated To V5.1.1

Cycling ’74 has updated Max (Max/MSP/Jitter) and the Max Runtime to version 5.1.1.

Bug Fixes and New Features:

  • Saving an abstraction after editing it via the “Modify Read Only” command no longer closes the window.
  • Saving a poly~ subpatcher after using “Modify Read Only” command no longer saves instance number in the patcher’s title attribute.
  • translate no longer outputs initial incorrect tempo information on device creation.
  • live.dial has its tribordercolor attribute as live.slider and live.gain~.
  • textbutton restores properly the value from pattrstorage.
  • pattrstorage: Fix for ‘writexml’ forcing a JSON extension if the file to write isn’t found.
  • Stopping and starting preview in the editor no longer causes clocks to fire multiple times on starting preview.
  • textedit: increase output list length to 2048.
  • umenu: fix for disappearing text.
  • Duplicate command now works while typing in a box.
  • Internet activation fixed for windows 64 bit operating system versions.
  • Max for Live now works when old Max DLL’s happen to be in the windows system directory.
  • Undo after save no longer shows patcher as clean when it should be dirty.
  • Copy of subpatcher no longer cleans parent when subpatcher is dirty.
  • poly~ no longer crash when receiving allnotesoff message when there’s no patcher loaded.
  • (Mac only) ctrl+click on UI objects now sends mousedown message again.
  • tapout~ no longer corrupts memory if incoming list is longer than number of args to tapout~.
  • timepoint and metro autostarttime can now be set to 0 if previously at non-zero values.
  • (Windows) double clicking on file with extended unicode characters now opens properly.
  • (Windows) dialog shown on closing dirty patcher now supports unicode characters properly.
  • Properly saving object palette size when you quit max without making a patcher.
  • Sending open -> adc~ twice from inside a standalone (where DSP Status.maxpat is in the collective) now only opens one copy of the DSP Status window.
  • live.param~ output is now accurate when used within a clip envelope.
  • Default glreadback mode on Snow Leopard is again RTT to avoid slow performance on Intel graphics cards and problems with @colormode uyvy. fullscreen windowing problem addressed in jit.window changes.
  • jit.window fix for slow fullscreen mode on Snow Leopard.
  • Fixed parallel poly~ for runtime version.
  • Fix for jit.pwindow opengl contexts in the live plugin window.
  • Core MIDI driver now compatible with devices that send more than one MIDI message per packet.
  • pictctrl: dialmode uses endless mousing.

NOTE: Max 5.1.1 requires Live 8.1.1 beta 3 or greater for correct functionality of MFL content files.

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