Reaper Updated To V3.16

Cockos has updated REAPER to version 3.16.

Changes :

  • Actions: increase/decrease tempo various amounts.
  • Arrange: clicking below tracks follows mouse preference for track selection.
  • API: TrackFX_FormatParamValue works for current values on most VSTs.
  • API: track receives are now stored in order.
  • Batch file converter: fixed list flickering during conversions.
  • Batch file converter: options to force channels, rate, resample mode.
  • Batch file converter: safer threading on media opening.
  • Batch file converter: support sidechaining when using FX.
  • Color themes: classic (1.x) theme support improvements.
  • Cursors: themeable cursors on Windows (soon for OSX).
  • Dual trim/timestretch: allow editing left, right, or dual edges regardless of selection.
  • Elastique Pro: updated to v2.11, added Synchronized modes.
  • Explode by channel: handle custom media item take playback rates.
  • Explode by channel: use project file format setting for exploded media items.
  • FIPM: item y-position/height adjustments affect all selected items regardless of visibility.
  • FX automation: better handling of very sharp envelope changes.
  • MIDI editor: action to split notes on grid.
  • MIDI editor: better behaviors when editing notes while quantize/humanize dialog open.
  • MIDI editor: customizable toolbar, armable actions.
  • MIDI editor: better behavior when resizing notes to loop start/end.
  • MIDI editor: more consistent shift+click note selection behavior.
  • MIDI export: more descriptive error message on failure.
  • OSX: better handling of queued repeated-key events.
  • OSX: default file menu is now the same as Windows (minus Quit).
  • OSX: fixed issue with dragdrop of fx and autoclose fx window option enabled.
  • OSX: improved redraw of many composited plug-in windows.
  • OSX: virtual keyboard fixes for held keys repeating note hits.
  • ReaControlMIDI: always send bank select message when program changes.
  • ReWire: opening panels on project load is deferred until load completed.
  • TCP: clicking below all TCPs unselects all tracks.
  • Toolbar: preferences to prevent scaling buttons up and/or down.
  • Toolbar: support for separators.
  • Toolbar: themeable armed toolbar button color.
  • Toolbar icon picker: better resize/scrollbar behavior.
  • Version check: made notification dialog bigger.
  • WavPack: updated to 4.60.1.

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