Brainworx Releases A Beta Of Bx_digital V2 Mono Eq

bx_digital V2 MONO
This mastering-class EQ for your mix sessions will be out March 4th!

bx_digital V2 is the top EQ system when it comes to mastering, offering an 11-band EQ including Bass-Shift & Presence-Shift, plus a De-Esser (dynamic EQ) and a lot of cool & unique auto-listen features.

As a “true stereo” device, it was just not possible to EQ mono signals with bx_digital so far. But:

Get your beta version here:

Load your iLok here:

Now you can use the sound and the features of this amazing EQ for your mix sessions!

We have released public beta versions (14-day trials, iLok required) today!

bx_digital V2 MONO will be released March 4th.

FREE UPGRADES for all bx_digital V2 users available upon release!

Native: &Euro;149 EUR (+VAT)
TDM: &Euro;225 (+VAT)

33% discount from March 4th—March 31st!!

bx_digital V2 owners: grab the new V2.1.0 including the new MONO version Here & Now!

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