Releases "bfd Explained" Video Tutorial Collection, the premier providers of online DAW training videos, announces “BFD Explained” video tutorial collection.

Have BFD2? Want to know how to get the most from it? DAW guru Eli Krantzberg shows you how in this in-depth look at the awesome, but very complex BFD2 drum virtual instrument by Fxpansion. Eli takes you from the beginning showing you the basics, such as installation, window overviews, building kits, importing your own sounds, to more advanced topics such as insert effects, using multiple outputs, groove editing, creating drum tracks, automation and much more.

If you use BFD2, you owe it to yourself to learn all of its powerful features and functions. This knowledge will in turn enable you to produce more realistic, better feeling drum tracks for your productions and projects. Set yourself apart from other BFD2 users and beat the most you can out of BFD2!

Product Highlights:
Presented by DAW guru Eli Krantzberg 28 in-depth video tutorials / Almost 3 hours of BFD2 training For all beginner to intermediate BFD2 Users Total Runtime: 02h:47m:18s

View all the videos in the “BFD Explained” collection online for 30 days for only $16.99, or download and own the full disc for only $39.99. The boxed disc version is $44.99 plus shipping, and you can order it now and you’ll get the instant digital download included for free so you can start watching right away while you wait for your boxed disc to arrive.

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