Updates From Faber Acoustical

Faber Acoustical has updated Electroacoustics Toolbox and SignalScope Pro to v2.1.8, a maintenance release that improves the stability of the applications.


  • Dual FFT Analyzer: Added AppleScript access to the IR data window indices in the individual dual FFT analyzer objects.
  • Dual FFT Analyzer: The windowed IR FFT length is now set somewhat arbitrarily to be as small as possible for the selected IR window. It is no longer constrained to be one of the user-selectable FFT lengths.
  • Dual FFT Analyzer: When the source or reference channel of a Dual FFT Analyzer channel gets set via AppleScript, the channel’s sensitivity, units, and label values also get refreshed.
  • Dual FFT Analyzer: The time and time shift vectors are written with the correct (effective) sample period when data is exported to mat or text files.

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