V-plugs Releases The Uranium

V-Plugs is proud to announce the release of the Uranium compressor. Based on V-Plugs new “Smart Dynamic Control” technology (SDC), Uranium presents an alternative to classic compressors with new distinctive sound and features.

Unique technology
The new SDC technology™ uses a sophisticated ‘look ahead’ algorithm that analyzes the signal level over time. According to this analysis, Uranium applies compression by increasing the quiet parts and attenuating the louder ones simultaneously. This innovative technology enables you to achieve radical dynamic manipulations with a smooth warm sound.

Smart gate and envelope shaping
Uranium features a special smart gate control that enables smooth gating operation, with no ‘pumping’ artifacts. The compression and gating operations are linked; so unlike standard gates, only the compressed signal will be affected. This way the gate operates as a powerful shaping tool for the compressor operation; that can be used for extra dynamic treatment, envelope and ‘tail’ shaping, or for the elimination of unwanted low-level noises.

Better monitoring
Uranium’s monitoring screen enables you to compare the original signal with the compressed signal, to see how much gain reduction is

being applied, and to have precise information about your signal dynamics at any point.

Key Features:
- Unique modern compression sound
- Based on V-Plugs SDC Technology
- Content dependant compression
- Radical compression effects
- Smart gate for the compressed signal
- MS compression for mastering and stereo sources
- Standard and parallel compression
- Advanced monitoring
- Stereo link in percentage
- Support for sampling rates of up to 192 kHz-Very efficient processing, optimized for native processors

Uranium now available as a VST plugin for Windows and costs €79.
You can buy it at the special introductory price of €39 until 10th June, 2010.

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