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Neuro-Shock Neuro-Shock $39.95
Neuro-Shock is a work-in-progress Refill that takes Drum & Bass to the next level bringing you the most original array of sounds available on the market!

Vicious Steps Vicious Steps $39.95
A hard hitting Drum & Bass Refill engineered by Sprawl and Neisei. Complimenting the Dark Combinations Refill, you won’t go wrong with Vicious Steps!

Dark Combinations Dark Combinations $24.95
Essential for any Reason Producer seeking that Dark Drum & Bass flavor. From highly sought after Bass Leads to hard hitting percussions.

Psycrafter Vol. 1 Psycrafter Vol. 1 $19.95
Loaded with 724 of the most sought after sounds in the Psychedelic Genre, Psycrafter Vol. 1 will go above and beyond in meeting your production needs.

Psycrafter Vol. 2 Psycrafter Vol. 2 $19.95
717 of the most sought after Psytrance patches, Psycrafter Vol. 2 picks up where Vol. 1 left off and is every bit as essential. A must have for Trance producers!

Psycrafter Vol. 3 Psycrafter Vol. 3 $24.95
658 of the most demanded Psy sounds on the planet and focusing on the Thor Synthesizer. Throw out the learning curve and treat your self to over a decade of trade secrets!

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