Chris Kerry X-jupitae And Chris Kerry Multi-fx Released

X marks the spot for Chris Kerry, who has released two new plugins: X-Jupitae, a virtual synthesizer instrument plugin (Windows; 10 GBP or approximately $16); and Multi-FX (Windows; 6 GBP or approximately $9), a separate unit from the multi-effects featured in X-Jupitae. Both have a lot to offer for a rather slim price.

X-Jupitae (shown at bottom) offers all the most necessary tools for creating and manipulating sounds. The plugin boasts three dual-voice “Flexi” oscillators, two multi-mode filters, four graphic 8-stage envelopes, flexible modulation options, and Ribbon and XY Pad controllers. In addition, X-Jupitae has 28 note polyphony, Mono mode, an interactive pattern arpeggiator, a Multi-FX section, and a compact user interface.

Chris Kerry X-Jupitae features at a glance:

  • 3 Dual-voice Flexi oscillators (Xmod, FM, PhaseDist, Ringmod, and so forth)
  • Dual multi-mode filters: series, parallel, or independent. (12, 24, 36, 48+ dB)
  • 4 Freely assignable graphic 8-stage, multi-contour envelopes with one-shot and repeating options
  • Fexible modulation options: up to 4 modulators each (Pitch, Pan, Cutoff, Amp, and so on)
  • Performance based Ribbon and XY Pad controllers for live sound manipulation
  • 28-note polyphony (unrestricted)
  • Polyphony Limiting option removes voice stealing clicks and limits CPU
  • Mono mode
  • Interactive 32-step, 12-note pattern arpeggiator
  • Multi-FX section: Degrader, Limiter / Distortion, EQ, Ensemble, Auto-Panner, Stereo Imaging, Chorus (2v), Echo (5-tap), and Reverb
  • Compact user interface using paged panels

As one would expect, Chris Kerry’s other release, Multi-FX (shown above on left), is full of effects. Specifically, Multi-FX includes the following:

  • Stereo Gate
  • Stereo Compressor
  • Stereo Degrader (three modes)
  • Stereo Limiter/Distortion
  • Stereo 3-Band EQ
  • “True” Stereo Reverb
  • Ensemble
  • Chorus 2-, 3-, or 4-voice
  • 5-Tap Echo with Pre or Feedback Filtering
  • Auto Panner
  • Stereo Imaging (center and side)
  • Compact user interface using paged panels

Both X-Jupitae and Multi-FX are available as VST plugins for Windows PC. To learn more about either new release, please visit Chris Kerry’s site online.

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