Vienna Instruments Pro Released

The Vienna Symphonic Library has announced the release of Vienna Instruments PRO, a new powerful sample player.

Features :

• Human Performance Control for adjusting the timing and intonation of your virtual musicians.
• Polyphonic legato.
• Super-fast loading times, even after cold starting. Load progress bar. You can even play the sounds while the sample patches are still loading!
• New GUI design: Basic View for an easy overview. Advanced View displays all of the important parameters in the same window.
• Tuning scales: You can even switch scales using controllers while you’re playing, e.g., from just intonation to an Arabic scale, or use your own scales.
Time stretching – works great on, e.g., staccatos, runs, crescendos etc.
• Built-in reverb (algorithmic for low latency).
• New options for switching articulations, e.g., sequence map and interval map.
• Slot rack for up to 8 articulations per cell with volume slider and power panning for each patch. Stack your own powerful multi-instruments using auto voicing.
• Separate volume control and EQ for each matrix.
• Many options to customize your patches and articulations for your personal work-flow.
• New browser with search function.
• Keyboard display with 128 keys, showing all key switches, with adjustable volume zones and instrument ranges for stacked instruments.

Vienna Instruments PRO is available at a price of €125. Introductory Offer Users who purchase Vienna Instruments PRO through September 15, 2010, will receive the all-new Flugelhorn for free.

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