Audiomulch Updated To V2.1.1

Ross Bencina has updated AudioMulch to version 2.1.1. This update resolves bugs in last month’s version 2.1 release. Audio Unit plug-in compatibility on Mac has been improved. The update also includes usability and user-interface tweaks.


  • Fixed bug where documents that used a missing VST plugin would load with an arbitrary placeholder VST rather than warning that the plugin was missing.
  • Fixed bug where a LoopPlayer with an automation mute change at the beginning of bar 1 wouldn’t recognise the mute change until bar 2 when playing from start or exporting.
  • Fixed bug in Arpeggiator where selecting only one note in Random and UpDown Direction mode would play more than one note. Made Random Direction mode more uniformly random.
  • Fixed bug where changing Settings/Preferences for MIDI sync offsets or MIDI generate sync device would cause MIDI control and chase sync to stop functioning until you restarted AudioMulch, disabled/reenabled these functions, or selected a different MIDI device.
  • Fixed crash if you quit while a contraption preset window was visible.
  • Mac (OSX 10.6 only): fixed intermittent audio freeze when selecting a file in the open sound file dialog box (previously fixed in 2.0.4 but back in 2.1.0).
  • Mac: fixed Preferences and Export To Sound File dialog boxes to not stay on top of all applications. Resolves issues with file selection and help windows appearing behind these dialog boxes.
  • Mac: fixed crash when creating Audio Units that provide MIDI output (e.g. Bidule, Chipsounds, Kore2).
  • Mac: fixed crash on exit with ‘BuilderNotFoundException’ when some Pluggo-based Audio Units are installed.
  • Mac: fixed bug where some Audio Unit editors (e.g. Prosoniq) would display as a blank white window.
  • Mac: Removed Audio Unit Instrument/Effect category, listed these Audio Units in the Effect category.
  • Windows: Fixed bug where View > Windows Volume Control menu item didn’t work on Windows Vista and Windows 7.
  • Fixed bug where opening a document and saving it with Save As… would not add the original document to the Reopen/Recent Items menu.
  • Fixed Play and Record buttons on File Players and Recorders so that you can right-click and choose Automate, Quick-map MIDI etc, even when the buttons are disabled because no file is selected in the contraption.
  • Fixed bug where the patcher contraption input/output info tooltip was not hidden correctly after connecting a patch cord. Tooltips are now updated while connecting/reconnecting patch cords.
  • Fixed bug in pattern editors (Drums, Bassline, SouthPole, Arpeggiator) where you couldn’t easily scroll or zoom past bar 32 unless there were pattern triggers present near the end of the pattern — the sequence length was ignored.
  • Fixed bug in Bassline where you couldn’t always see the note name cell text if you were zoomed in too far.
  • Fixed bug where automation lines weren’t always highlighted correctly when you hovered the mouse cursor over them (e.g. minimum line for Range parameters).
  • Streamlined layout of Parameter Control window.
  • Prevent multi-file Player and Recorder contraption editors from being resized beyond the maximum useful height.
  • Changed increments on MIDI sync offset number boxes to increment by +/- 1ms (previously 200ms).
  • Refined button and label text in Settings/Preferences dialog box and elsewhere.

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