Acon Digital Media releases Acoustica 5

Acon Digital Media has announced the release of Acoustica 5, a major new version of its comprehensive solution for professional audio recording, editing and mastering. Acoustica 5 is available in two editions, a Standard Edition ($39.90) and a Premium Edition ($119.90).

Both the Standard and Premium Edition of Acoustica 5 contain several new features. Here are the highlights:

  • Graphical user interface:
    • New audio plug-in design.
    • Tabbed MDI interface.
    • Dockable file browser pane.
  • New file formats: FLAC, AAC, WAVE64 – support for files bigger than 4 GB (Premium Edition only).
  • CD Cover Editor: The new CD Cover Editor lets you create CD covers from your CD projects in a breeze.
  • CD Projects:
    • Save and open CD projects.
    • Erase CD-RWs.
  • K-System metering: The new K-System level meters help you to produce consistent sounding music while preserving appropriate dynamic range.
  • Enhanced spectrum analysis: The updated offline analysis tools allow you to select frequency and amplitude ranges. The spectrum analysis now allows logarithmic frequency scales and can show the average spectrum over a large time selection.
  • Convolution reverb: Simulate the reverberation of physical or virtual spaces based on pre-recorded impulse responses.
  • Enhanced denoiser with adaptive mode (Premium Edition only): The new adaptive mode constantly updates the noise profile to match changes in the signal noise.
  • Test signal generator (Premium Edition only):
    • White, pink and brownian noise.
    • Sine tones.
    • Chirps.

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