Elysia unveils Alpha Compressor Plug-in

Elysia has announced the Alpha Compressor Plug-in. Coded with the help of software developers Brainworx, the Elysia Alpha Compressor is a plug-in version of the hardware unit of the same name.

A Mid/Side matrix is built in to the compressor, allowing you to compress the Mid and Side elements of a stereo track independently. Provision for parallel processing is also available, as are a side-chain filter, a soft-clip limiter and a choice of either feed-forward or feedback compression characteristics. The Niveau filter that can be found on the same company’s Mpressor is also present, as is a Warm mode, which emulates the hardware version’s ability to switch the transformers in and out of circuit.

All the usual compressor controls are there, including variable threshold, attack, release, ratio and make-up gain. Two buttons labelled Auto Fast provide automatic attack and release times.

Available from December, the Alpha Compressor Plug-in will sell for $299, and will be available in RTAS, VST, AU and TDM formats.

Product Page

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