GrooveZoo – Cloud-Based Music Collaboration Service

GrooveZoo has announced the public beta launch of its Web-based music service, a site that connects songwriters, musicians and producers, and lets them share mixes for discussion and collaboration.

GrooveZoo sessions include integrated contracts, so that musicians can collaborate, knowing the business details are in place. The contracts are written in laymen’s terms and can be completed and digitally signed in seconds.


  • File Management Tool – Allows users to upload, download, manage files and quickly audition mixes in their sessions.
  • AutoMatch – Automatically matches members, based upon community categorization and ratings of each other’s work.
  • People Search – Users can find members based on musical style, instruments, location, and more.
  • Quick Audition – Quickly audition other user’s demos by using the AutoMatch and People Search results. If you like what you hear, just add them to MyContacts or invite them to a session with one click of the button.
  • Session Contracts – Contracts are always put into place when a user invites or accepts a member into a session. Each party can agree to a royalty split or move forward on a work-for-hire basis.
  • Modular Platform – The front-end of the website is built on an AJAX Window Servicing Manager. This enables users to add, remove and reposition the page elements to create a custom workflow. In addition, GrooveZoo can quickly create and add new elements to accommodate future requests.

GrooveZoo has launched in public beta testing. Basic use of the site is completely free, but enhanced features are available at monthly subscriptions of $5 USD for songwriters, $10 USD for musicians and $30 USD for producers.

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