GoChords Free iPad App Turns iPad Into Songbook.
Internet or Not!

NEW: GoChords For iPad turns your iPad into a portable song book for your original songs. Internet or not! The app syncs songs from your GoChords.com website account to your iPad. It also syncs any shared songs from your GoChords groups. Create your own custom song lists. Now you can take your songs anywhere.

WHAT: GoChords.com is a free, easy-to-use web-based tool for creating simple song sheets, complete with chord symbols and lyrics. This uncomplicated application allows you to change keys, change instruments, create custom chord shapes, and share your charts with others. The scroll feature makes for hands free playing. Use it on your computer, iPhone, Android and iPad. There’s lots more — read here.

WHY: You shouldn’t have to read music to create it. Our users, frustrated with costly and complicated programs for composing music, wanted something easy (and free). GoChords provides the tools for writing music that anyone who can play a guitar or ukulele can apply. Our trademark, You Don’t Have to Read to Write®, encapsulates our philosophy.

WHO: Three people make up the GoChords team. Two musicians who played together in the 80’s. He of the big hair, she of the big voice. Teaming with her scientist brother they are ChaseCreationsLLC. Working to keep it free and easy, no one at GoChords has quit their day job. In the short months they have been testing the site thousands have joined.

WHERE: As of this letter GoChords has members in 90 countries.

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