Native Instruments Maschine 1.6 public beta available

The public beta test for the upcoming Maschine 1.6 update has started. If you are a Maschine owner, you can download a fully functional 1.6 beta version, and submit eventual bug findings to the Maschine team over a special “bug tracker” web page. The public beta version has already been tested extensively by our internal testing team, but for general reasons it should still be used with caution in performance-critical environments.

New and improved features:

  • Plugin hosting for VST/AU instruments and effects
  • Increased number of effect slots (3 per Sound, 4 per Group, 4 on Master)
  • New “Pad Link” function with 8 pad groups and Master/Slave option
  • Individual swing setting per sound
  • Clip naming
  • Sample renaming
  • Improved scene duplication
  • External audio input/output increased to 16 stereo channels
  • Improved Drag&Drop mapping for samples
  • Improved Drag&Drop from OS for Maschine files and audio files
  • Drag&Drop rearrangement of scenes and patterns
  • Snap-to-grid when moving events via mouse
  • VST plugin operation under Mac OS X 64bit
  • Rex import under Mac OS X 64bit
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