Two Sound Sets for Xils-Lab PolyKB II

Xils-Lab has released 2 new Sound Sets for its virtual synth PolyKB II :

Analog Bag 1 (€17) offers 128 new instruments for the PolyKB II VSTI
Powered by a quartet of inspired and talented Sound Designers, Julian RayKireLuftrum and Tzadi, Analog Bag 1 aims to expand the factory sound library with quality sounds.

Analog Bag 1 includes Keys, Basses, Leads, Pads, ARPs, Soundscapes, etc.

This soundbank doesn’t focus on a particular musical genre, and you’ll find some beautiful lush pads, or some more esoteric landscapes for ambient or game trailers, as well as some cutting leads for the dance floors.

Analog Bag 2 (€21) offers more than 160 instruments for the PolyKB II Vsti

Once again Sound Designers Peter Schelfhout and Lotuzia have united their forces to propose you different and complementary sound Design approaches and cover a good part of all the instruments you’ll ever need when using the PolyKB II.

Analog Bag 2 includes Keys, Basses, Leads, Pads, Atmos, ARPs, Percussions, Plucks as well as the usual subcategories like Brass, Strings, EPs and Organs, Clavinet, Stabs etc.

It is suitable for any genre of music, so from Film Scoring to the most up to date Dance styles, from the most delicate leads to the huge power ones, be assured that you’ll find some unique and inspiring instruments.

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