Loomer has updated String for Mac OS X, Windows, and Linux to 1.2.3

This releases add the following fixes and features:

* Native 64-bit VST plugin and standalone application for Linux.
* Integrated Preset Browser, with meta-data, tags, searching, and
hot-swap support.
* Additional presets. All presets now tagged and annotated.
* Presets can now be sorted using auto categorization.
* String Instrument and FX now have their own individual default preset.
* Reduced CPU usage.
* CPU usage is now consistent when using the Mac OS X RTAS Plugins.
* Windows VST 32-bit plugins and standalone applications no longer
depend on additional runtime libraries. However, these libraries are
still required – and installed – for the RTAS format plugins.
* libjack is now weak-linked for standalone Linux. This means JACK is
not required (but still recommended).
* Fixed slight pitch shifting timbre that would rarely occur when
quickly swapping between presets using different delay time settings.
* PDF manual is now printer-friendly.

Download the updated String at http://www.loomer.co.uk

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