Make Music With Logic Pro by Sonic Academy

Get Logic Pro to work for you, whatever your producing style!

‘Make Music With Logic Pro’ from Sonic Academy brings you 13 instructional videos and takes you further into the powerful Mac-exclusive Logic Pro, with detailed tutorials on parameter automation, mixing and fx best practices, drum and synth programming and more.

Make Music with Logic Pro is video training led by Sonic Academy’s professional trainers. Beyond the necessary first steps (getting the software plugged in and running), the series of video lessons leads you further into the music-making capabilities of Logic Pro.

Learn all of the specific features of the software in these Logic Pro tutorials – the production software’s Ultrabeat drum machine, ES2 synthesizer and ESX24 sampler, and all the achievable effects for creating top-quality tracks.

Course features:

  • Learn to make music online, in your own time and at your own pace with one of the hottest pieces of software around, Logic Pro;
  • Learn quickly from our high quality video tutorials, presented by industry professionals;

Video Overview:

Lesson 1 – Creating a Drum Beat
Our Logic Pro tutorial gets you started and details the use of Logic’s Ultrabeat software to lay down drums for your track using MIDI sequencing and drum samples. 

Lesson 2 – Creating a Drum Beat 2
A slew of other percussion effects in Logic Pro’s arsenal. – piano rolls in particular. 

Lesson 3 – Creating a Bassline
Logic Pro tutorial on the ES2 software synthesizer – the role of oscillators, envelopes, the equaliser (EQ) and detuning in constructing a track’s bass. 

Lesson 4 – Creating a Lead Line
A video tutorial that outlines how to write the major solo tunemain melodic part of a track – the synth line. Uses Logic Pro’s ES2 Synthesizer. 

Lesson 5 – Creating a Synth Sweep
Learn how automation, MIDI sequencing, oscillators and filters combine to add synth sweeps to a track in Logic Pro. 

Lesson 6 – Creating a String Line
Introducing Logic Pro’s EXS24 sampler to the mix: A lesson on using it to write string parts for a track – including tips on root notes and transposing. 

Lesson 7 – Import & Edit Audio Files
Enrich the texture of your Logic Pro audio track with time-stretching, drum, loops and cut-up vocal samples. 

Lesson 8 – Import & Edit Audio Files 2
More on manipulating samples in Logic Pro audio tracks, with particular attention to snapping and the scissors tool.

Lesson 9 – Mixing and FX
Find out how to add effects in Logic Pro, namely buses and sidechain compression.

Lesson 10 – Mixing and FX 2
Keep enhancing your track’s effects: using Logic Pro to create delay and feedback.

Lesson 11 – Arrangement
Whip your loops into a full tune. This Logic Pro tutorial outlines arranging from creating a song structure, beats / bars, and breakdowns 

Lesson 12 – Automation
Automate your Logic Pro composition to create a more dynamic arrangement. Specifics in this video include filter automation and making notes.

Lesson 13 – Mixing and Rendering
Round off your Logic Pro audio track with fills and effects. Finishes off the Logic Pro tutorial with finishing touches for your track and rendering a final song.

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