Microhammer releases the February 2011 Collection for Kontakt

Microhammer has released the February 2011 Collection for Kontakt. Here’s the details :

Howdy scribes, sages and soothsayers. By the power of beer and music, we’re declaring an end to winter. Ok, we don’t actually have the power to do that, but we can bring you a brand spankin’ new pack of Microhammer action. These are the latest in our Microhammer collection of unique, little, inexpensive and experimental sample instrument packs for Kontakt. It’s sort of like the slightly creepy little brother to Tonehammer.

Boro Bells

Borosilicate glass has found its place in a number of creative and scientific endeavors. From bongs to space shuttles, and plenty in between. That range of uses now includes a set of beautiful tuned bells, ranging in diameter from 4 to 12 inches. They were played using a wooden spoon, metal knife, saw blade, and rubber spatula, plus a variety of special custom FX presets. They feature a rich, very dark, complex sustain and an ever so slightly grainy attack. 33 instruments, 730 MB, 1,111 Samples. Full Kontakt 3.5 or later required. Free “Player” not supported.
Available now for $19

Metal Bowls

Who hasn’t had the experience of a meal derailed by the alluring percussive sounds of some assorted kitchen accouterments? Usually the experimentation starts as a child, banging clamorously on pots and pans. For many of us, this was our first drum kit from which we would move on, but never forget. We’re going back into the kitchen. This library has 32 instruments crafted with a red silicone spatula, a steel butter knife, a wooden spoon, love, and 3 metal bowls, plus a variety of custom FX presets. Stay busy in your studio, and we’ll stay busy in the kitchen. 841 MB, 1,195 samples. Full Kontakt 3.5 or later required. Free “Player” not supported.
Available now for $19

Gnomehammer Volume II

This strange collection of quasi-musical oddities was captured over the holidays and/or Gregg’s wedding in December 2010. While there is a bit of a winter or even some sort of pseudo-Christmas theme running through it, it’s really just total creative chaos. It features the toy rubber squeeze monkey, talking toy baby phone, cider kettle, nut’s o’crackin’, yule log burning, crawbar a’whackin’ and a robot santa?? It also feautres a bulging gift sack of groovy custom FX presets. Most of this content was released in a simplified fashion as part of our 2nd annual Gnomehammer December event, to celebrate the ancient and glorious Gnomish traditions of violence, barbaric music and cheer as a joyful celebration of the brutality of the dark, bleak winter. 99 instruments, 909 MB, 1509 Samples. Full Kontakt 3.5 or later required. Free “Player” not supported.
Available now for $19

99 Bottles (o’ beer on the wall)

Ok, so maybe there weren’t exactly 99 bottles. Our new kid Sean couldn’t bring himself to drink that much in one sitting. He’s not yet a full-fledged member of the gnome cabal. However, he managed 50 before barfing just so we could bring you a decent range of unique glass and/or beer sounds. The library has 15 instruments, covering short and long blown notes, knocks, taps, clicks, clinks, rattles, rasps, wobbles and clunks using bottles, pint glasses, broken shards and related sounds, plus a variety of special custom FX presets. 105 MB, 285 samples. Full Kontakt 3.5 or later required. Free “Player” not supported.
Available now for $9.99

Fresh Bundles!

The full February 11 bundle is available now for a limited time, at the special discounted combo price of only $45.

Or folks can get the whole Microhammer “I want It All” collection, including all 24 Microhammer libraries, for only $369.

Please Note: You’ll need the full retail version of Native Instruments Kontakt 3.5 or later to use these and other Microhammer libraries. They are all standard open format Kontakt instruments, so the free Kontakt “Player” does not support them.

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