DontCrack V.I.P. Plug-in Series…

Dear friends,

Today, we at DontCrack are so proud to announce the launch of our new V.I.P. Series Plug-ins that is the result of our long time experience working with major artists and producers around the world. Here’s what loudly came out of it :

In todayʼs market, music production is constantly evolving. Producers and artists alike need professional sounding plug-ins that are simple and easy-to-use. All too often, precious studio time is wasted struggling with audio plug-ins that are unnecessarily complicated to install and operate. Plug-ins need to inspire creativity, not restrain it !

In response to your demand for high quality and efficiency, We at DontCrack have developed a new series of plug-ins that will change the way you think about plug-ins. DontCrack has partnered with leading plug-in designers from around the world to bring you the V.I.P. plug-in series.

This new series delivers the same professional sound you would come to expect from other major plug-in manufacturers, but they are much easier to use. Designed with an emphasis on quality and simplicity, each plug-in has a clean interface with only the most essential knobs and switches. With the V.I.P. plug-in series, dialing in a great sound has never been easier: Simply load the plug- in and turn a knob for instant sonic satisfaction. Installing and authorizing DontCrack plug-ins has also been made incredibly easy for end users to move forward with what they have to do.

And thatʼs not all. If you buy DontCrack plug-ins then you truly are a “Very Intelligent Person”. Each plug-in in the V.I.P. series will cost only $49 individually, but if you purchase the DontCrack “V.I.P. Bundleyou will spend only $489 for the entire collection! If you like to purchase plug- ins one at a time, we will upgrade you the entire V.I.P. Bundle for free as soon as you accumulate 10 plug-ins in your collection.

You are going to love working with us at DontCrack because we are taking it easy on you and your wallet. Once you have purchased or upgraded to V.I.P. Bundle status, all subsequent plug-ins released for the V.I.P. series will be free of charge ! In 2012 we will expand the DontCrack V.I.P. bundle to over 40 plug-ins – and as you are a V.I.P. customer we wonʼt ask you for any more money !

To celebrate the event we are making the V.I.P. bundle available for only $299 from today till Monday, October 10, 2011. Isn’t that what you guys call a “no brainer”   ;-)

Please send your feedback, testimonials, new plug-ins request, bug reports etc, on our official DC Plug-ins Forum Board.

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