PSP Neon HR v. 2.0.3 released


PSPaudioware have just released the version 2.0.3 update of their PSP Neon HR.

Included in this release are:

1. A fix for the automation write bug.
2. The filter band is now activated on any control change.
3. There is an improved frequency plot auto-zoom.
4. The numerical display has been improved.
5. AAX control surfaces support added.
6. Other minor bugs fixed

This is a FREE upgrade for current users.

To get and authorize the PSP Neon HR v. 2.0.3 please:
1) Log-in to your PSP account and expand PSP Neon details,
2) Download the installer appropriate for your operating system and install the plug-in,
3) Download your unique license using ‘download license’ link, unzip if necessary, and double click on it to authorize the plug-in. just released an update of our PSP Neon HR.

PSP Neon is a fully featured linear phase equalizer plug-in (VST, RTAS for Windows and AudioUnit, VST and RTAS for OSX UniversalBinary) that offers eight bands of equalization, each of which can be assigned one of seven filter types. PSP Neon uses frequency-domain fast convolution based linear phase algorithms for the best balance between CPU efficiency and phase accuracy. For those who want to use the excellent analog-modeled PSP Neon filters in even more CPU critical applications, you can even toggle off the linear phase mode and take advantage of PSP Neon’s minimum phase error Infinite Impulse Response (IIR) mode!

If you do not already has this great linear phase equalizer plug-in, check it out: you can purchase PSP Neon HR on our PSP store page.

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