DSP-Quattro 4.2.1 is available.

DSP-Quattro 4.2.1 is now available, this version comes with a lot of new features and improvements. There is a new Pre-Roll button on the transport bar, a new AudioCD total length and absolute time display on the AudioCD layout,  new commands to export the AudioCD as .mp3 file, new sample rate option SavingAs audio files, a extended AudioCD CUE sheet text file format and much more… Also some bugs has been fixed as well. All DSP-Quattro 4 users are highly recommended to update their version to 4.2.1, it is for free… to get it, just log-in into the user area. And, of course, there is also a new demo for the public download!

Changes in Version 4.2

▪ New: PreRoll button on transport bars, and preroll default options on preferences.
▪ Fixed a problem of audio glitches when playing backward with audio scrub.
▪ Fixed a potential problem on RMS Meter display (version 4.1 had still this problem on special cases).
▪ Fixed several other bugs.
▪ Global code optimization.
Audio Editor:
▪ New: added the output sample rate parameter on audio file save as, to make resampling and saving as with only one command.
▪ Improved compatibility.
AudioCD Layout:
▪ New: added the sample rate and bit depth exporting audiocd layout and cdtracks.
▪ New: new Export AudioCD layout as mp3 menu command.
▪ New: AudioCD total length and current sample rate display on the bottom right of the audioCD waveform.
▪ New: Absolute CD Time display on the AudioCD layout.
▪ Fixed a warning dialog about the need to save the AudioCD layout, when it was already saved.
▪ Export of CDTrack CUE sheet as text file has been revisited and improved.
▪ Now clicking on the AudioCD Layout waveform window will place the Playback cursor on that time frame.
▪ The pause before the first CDTrack is now fixed to 2 secs and it is always correctly displayed on AudioCD GUIs.
▪ Now CDTrackTo File uses the sample rate of the AudioCD layout.
▪ Set all pause to function on audioCD layout has been revisited.
▪ Burn by DDP menu command now works.
▪ Now if Write CDTexts on Disc option is OFF, CDTexts will not be written on DDP images.
▪ Import DDPs compatibility has been improved (fixed a problem importing ISRC codes from Sonoris DDP Creator).
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