Win an Flux Elemental Pack at the PureMix “Zelab”.

ZeLab is Alive!

Our friends at PureMix have a whole new section at their website where you can try your hand at being the best mixer on the planet!

Once you have signed up to the subscription service, you will be able to participate in this great new feature on their site.

Have you always wanted to have a well-recorded drum track/bass track/vocal track/kazoo track to sink your DAW teeth in? It’s waiting for you at ZeLab.

You got the “chops” but there is no one in your neighborhood playing the kind of music you like to work on? There is a song for you at ZeLab.

You want to build a portfolio of great sounding stuff? Show your mojo to your prospective clients using ZeLab’s well recorded tracks.

Want to see what the pros did with a song? There is the original pro mixer’s session for every song at ZeLab.

The first offering from PureMix is the incredible Will Knox song ‘Immigrant Hands’.

Go get the stems and even Fab’s mix session and start playing with it, analyze it, mix it your style, dub step it, side step it, whatever.
To celebrate the release of every song on ZeLab PureMix will have a mixing contest with fun prizes.

This time, whoever uploads the best mix of Immigrant Hands gets a FLUX Elemental pack of plugins ($279 value).

Isn’t that wonderful?

And don’t forget to check out the great tutorials from PureMix on our store.

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