Blue Cat’s DP Meter Pro 4.0 is released.

Blue Cat’s DP Meter Pro 4.0 is now available! Our multi-purpose audio levels meter and envelope generator, formerly known as Blue Cat’s Digital Peak Meter Pro, has been completely redesigned for this new version.

The plug-in now comes with a brand new user interface with many new features and enhancements: fully customizable meters, crest factor display, levels histograms for precise dynamic range analysis, surround support, a new presets manager, Windows AAX support, multiple display sizes, new MIDI and automation mapping capabilities, and much more…

If you do not own the plug-in yet, try the demo.

The upgrade is free for users who have purchased the plug-in in the past 6 months, and others will receive an offer by email to upgrade for 11 EUR or $15 only (80% off).

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