Zynaptiq announces UNFILTER

UNFILTER is a real-time plug-in utilizing a blind de-convolution process to remove filtering effects, such as comb filtering, resonance, or excessive equalization – effectively linearizing the frequency response of a signal virtually automatically.

You can even undo synthesizer-style resonant filtering to some extent. UNFILTER can also apply a detected filter response to another signal, or export it to disk as impulse response, and can be set up to work as free-form EQ.

UNFILTER makes time-consuming and often impossible tasks as effortless as setting a handful of our super-slick “trackball” sliders.

Whether you need to repair poorly mic’d production sound or musical recordings, adapt the character of multiple sounds to the same acoustic “world”, equalize away “boominess” or resonance, generally re-balance the spectral contour of a signal, do lots of corrective EQ, or creatively design new sounds – UNFILTER is the tool for you.

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