New Zynaptiq Product – UNFILTER!

Zynaptiq has announced the release of a brand new product that is technological breakthrough.

UNFILTER is a real-time plug-in that removes filtering effects, such as comb filtering, resonance, or excessive equalization – effectively linearizing the frequency response of a signal automatically.

UNFILTER can also apply a detected filter response to another signal, or export it to disk as an impulse response, and can even perform mastering grade adaptive, free-form, and graphic equalization.

Whether you’re in music production, film post, game audio, broadcast, sound design, forensics, or engineering – UNFILTER makes time-consuming and often impossible tasks as effortless as adjusting one control.

UNFILTER automatically detects resonances, EQ or filter effects – essentially any frequency response anomalies that aren’t part of the original signal. You can then remove these by simply adjusting one control, leaving the rest of the signal virtually untouched. As a result, previously problematic or unusable recordings can be made to sound good, and good recordings to sound great. In real-time, and with minimal effort, Zynaptiq-style.

Here’s what one user has said already:

“I just tried the demo on a song that has vocals recorded in a very small room with a loud vocalist who really excited the room nodes. These are once in a lifetime performances and there will be no re-recording. Also, the drums were recorded in an ADAT studio and then processed through some weird outboard tube stuff. UNFILTER made these vocals sound like they were recorded through great mics in a perfect room. The difference was night and day. Previously, I had been forced to do a whole bunch of EQ and still couldn’t really get all those room resonances out. Now the vocal just sits perfectly with almost no EQ at all.

The snare sound improved dramatically and now requires very little EQ. If you always make perfect recordings and you never have to work with problem tracks like this, then maybe UNFILTER is pointless for you. But if you’ve ever had problem tracks this is a total godsend. Also, UNFILTER is set up to be super quick. It takes about 5-10 seconds to “learn” and understand how to process a sound and then you have three controls that are easy. It required little to no tweaking to fix these tracks. Let’s face it: EQing major problems out of tracks is a tedious, time-consuming pain in the ass. UNFILTER automates this. This will be a major time saver.”

To fully understand what UNFILTER can do the video that explains the functions of this new type of plug-in can be found at the bottom of the UNFILTER Product page or on our Video section.

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