Zynaptiq announces PITCHMAP 1.5 and a “side grade”

Zynaptiq is shipping PITCHMAP 1.5 which adds AAX (64/32), RTAS, and VST for Mac and Windows.

How does PITCHMAP compare to other pitch processing products, like Celemony’s Melodyne Editor or Antares’ Auto Tune? In a nut-shell: it doesn’t. They have different applications and strengths, and complement each other nicely.

To put it simply : If you need to fine-tune or manipulate a single but polyphonic instrument, or a section of instruments, and using off-line editing doesn’t break your workflow, use Melodyne.

If you need to tune or change the pitches of a full mix or other complex polyphonic signal in real-time and under MIDI control, while retaining all the transient crispness of any percussive elements, or if you want to create far-out sounds, or if you want to try out different harmonies on your loops and recordings from within the creative, musical workflow….use PITCHMAP.

Depending on your field of work, you may want to have all three of them. So grab a copy of PITCHMAP and complete your pitch processing toolkit!

(*) Please note that for tuning some types of polyphonic audio, offline processing may yield better results.

PitchMap 1.5 is available in our “Private Deals Zone”.

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