Updates Available for UNVEIL, UNFILTER and PITCHMAP

Zynaptiq plug-ins UNVEIL 1.7.6, UNFILTER 1.2.1 and PITCHMAP 1.6.1 updates are now available. These free updates contain numerous enhancements and fixes, and are recommended for all users.

Users that have opted-in to receive email from Zynaptiq have been emailed download instructions. Also, for UNFILTER and PITCHMAP, the latest version can be downloaded from within the plug-in’s “About” screen.

What’s new in UNVEIL 1.7.6:

(Full and Trial) Added “Check for update” and “Check for update weekly” functionality as found in UNFILTER and PITCHMAP; access this by clicking on the Zynaptiq Logo in the plug-in UI to open the “About” screen.

New in PITCHMAP 1.6.1:

This free update adds support for VST, RTAS and AAX Native on both Mac and Windows platforms, as well as many enhancements and fixes. (Full and Trial) Extended detection upper frequency limit to better capture high harmonics. This translates into slightly increased CPU load with high values of PURIFY

New for all three plug-ins:

(Full and Trial) Enhanced compatibility with FCPX 10.1.x on OS X Mavericks
(Full and Trial) Improved handling of erroneous audio buffers or denormals passed to the plug-in by some hosts when scrubbing or jumping in the time-line
(Full and Trial) Fixed rare issue with CPU load not being freed when the plug-in was bypassed
(Trial only) Fixed rare “un-clickable demo notification window” issue in Pro Tools

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