Acousticsamples releases SunBird!

Acousticsamples has just released its newest product, Sunbird based on a 1962 Gibson Hummingbird acoustic guitar.

The Hummingbird guitar was created in 1960 by Gibson and was the first square-shouldered dreadnought. It was designed to be extremely versatile so that it can cover many music genres and have a deep tone without being too powerful, which is perfect to accompany a voice.

Special attention has been paid to making this a very realistic instrument, the way it sounds just like the real instrument and the way you are able to reproduce authentic playing styles. There are basically 4 modes (that you can choose using keyswitches, G5 to C6), the solo mode that allows to play melodies, the chord mode that helps playing strums or picking very easily, the patterns mode that does all of the strumming or picking for you and the MIDI mode that allows you to use your preferred midi guitar controler.

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