New PSP MasterComp at $69!

PSP Audioware has announced the release of their all new MasterComp with its new channel selector, improved GUI, and the following features and a new LOWER price of $69 until the 14th of Sept!

PSP MasterComp now has a Channel Selector to allow processing of a selected channel only: Left, Right, Mid or Side.
* New license file-based authorization system (simpler than ever!)

* Meters now react to the On/Off switch
* GUI is updated for a more eye friendly look.
* Introduced or improved mouse wheel operation on plug-ins’ controls.
* Enlarged Pre/GR/Post switch mouse control area.
* Peak LED shows the output peak in an Output or a Gain Reduction mode.
* Improved reading of textual values in edit boxes.
* Shortened time edit boxes appear to 1s.
* Updated all formats.
* AAX and RTAS now utilise page tables for proper usage with control surfaces.

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