UVI Tines Anthology Promo!

Tines sale

UVI has a special half price sale of $99 (MSRP $199) on their very popular Tines Anthology running from the 14th of May until the 18th.

Tines Anthology is the ultimate UVI collection featuring eight fabulous Electric Pianos, deeply multi-sampled and wonderfully scripted. From 1965 to 2007, dive into the complete legacy of the most well known Electric Pianos brand!

The eight Electric Piano models include:

Two of the very first manufactured Mk I models : built in 1974 & 1978
The Mk II : introduced in 1981, one of the most loved Electric Pianos.
The Mk III : manufactured in 1982, a very rare and quite broken model.
The Mk V : born in 1984, a stunning and pretty rare model.
The Mk 7 : newly introduced in 2007.
Two Piano Bass : created in 1965 & 1970. These were heavily used by The Doors.

Available on the DontCrack store during the four day promo.

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