FLUX:: simplifies its product line!

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FLUX:: has introduced a couple of new features that have been requested by many customers.

iLok Dongle and/or Machine-Computer based authorization is now supported

. Until now you needed an iLok dongle to authorise FLUX:: products.

All of their software can now be authorized with an iLok Dongle AND/OR the Pace Machine based authorization method. An iLok account and the iLok License Manager are still required but the iLok USB key is from now on optional. It is therefore possible to test their software without having to purchase an iLok Dongle. 

And to simplify the product line, the AAX DSP/HD-X Version is Now Included


From today, the AAX DSP version is now included when purchasing any of their products. This means that if you already own, or if you are purchasing any of our plug-ins that exists in the AAX DSP format, the AAX DSP authorization is now included at no extra charge.

For those of you who own any previous +AAX DSP product license(s), FLUX:: is pleased to offer you a second authorisation for FREE ! Simply open the iLok License Manager, and authorize a second iLok Dongle or your laptop, keeping the iLok license for the road… FLUX:: hopes you appreciate that !



To authorise any FLUX:: software, you will need to install the latest version of the iLok License Manager, as well as the latest version of your Flux:: or Ircam software.

All the FLUX:: products are availble for a trial license to test their software from here :


You can see the new simplified FLUX:: product line here on the DontCrack store.

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