Plug & Mix’s New “Pro Series” launched!


Plug & Mix is proud to announce it has released three plug-ins for Mac OS X and Windows that are part of a new collection called the Ultimate Precision “Pro Series” plug-ins designed “to reflect the need and requests of P&M’s most demanding professional customers that use the V.I.P. Series plug-ins in their daily tasks”. The “Pro Series” collection includes E-Max, a transparent linear phase equaliser, OptoMax a powerful opto compressor and Tube Exciter a subtle tube exciter and sub-bass enhancer.

E-Max is an Equalizer that is designed to go beyond the expectations of a normal EQ with its built in Harmonic Exciter for extra “sweetening” and a Linear Phase mode for mixing & mastering which is designed to preserve the transients and transparency of music.

OptoMax is designed to give a user precision dynamic control over any type of media whether its vocals, drums or entire compositions. The plug-in’s intuitive user interface allows control over compression levels, and frequency side-chaining, as well as other crucial sonic analysis tools.

Tube Exciter is designed to deliver punch, clarity and sparkle to any audio signal. The plug-in features Tube Exciter, Tube Saturation and Sub Bass enhancers which can enrich a sound in subtle or drastic ways. The plug-in’s interface allows for precision adjustments using graphical curves and audio analysis tools giving a user a realtime window into the sound processing. P&M Pro Tube Exciter can be used on practically any audio source from broadcast and live P.A. systems, to recording guitars, vocals and bass, to mixing and mastering.

The individual plug-ins are now available at $99. (MSRP Price: $129 each). All 3 products are also available as the “Pro Series” Pack for only $199 (MSRP $249).

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