Flux ‘Purest Sound’ Promo!

Flux pure 550

It is not every day that Flux has a promo on their products, the ‘Purest Sound’ promo is a great opportunity to get over 50% off the list price of some of their most popular products.

The “Pure Series” by Flux:: delivers the most powerful and precise tools ever crafted as digital audio plug-ins. That is why Flux:: Plug-ins are used by the most renowned and demanding Sound Engineers and Post -production facilities all around the world.

You have certainly heard the results of Flux:: Plug-ins being used when you enjoy great sounding Films with your family or simply listening to the latest chart hits…

With their precise controls and unique features, you can sculpt your tracks easily to exactly what you need to hear. Dive into them, you might never use anything else.

The Pure Series is on promo right now on the DontCrack store.

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